Wow. I just heard Dennis Kucinich on The Rachel Maddow Show on Air America Radio. What a brilliant man. He speaks so clearly his vision for getting america out of the hell hole that it is in now. And most importantly, he speaks for Peace. Here is a man who supports the troops and is willing to say the things that most Dems in office aren’t willing to say.

Now, we don’t know yet everyone who is running. And I haven’t heard everyone’s speak. Rest assured, I do love Clinton and Obama. People are saying that Barak Obama is JFK reincarnated. Eloquent and stirring. What a breath of fresh air after hearing this moron talk for the last 6 years. 6 YEARS! Has time flown so fast??!?

I voted for Kucinich in the last primary. And will most likely vote for him again. Here’s a funny little anecdote. While searching for Vegan/Vegetarian meals to serve at our wedding, our caterer suggested using VegNews. Looking through their archives, we found the meal served at Dennis Kucinich’s wedding. And we used some of his entrees. (Anyone remember the pecan encrusted portobello with roasted garlic polenta) Now there’s a man I can stand behind!