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This month’s challenge at Scrap Your Crap is to use your tape

I really lucked out with this one. I started to make something and realized I had packed all my photos, paper, embellishments etc. But I had one photo laying around and one mini I had made quite a while ago. It’s just premade pages, so I added my first pic. A pic of my inlaws. And I was able to dig out my heidi swap tape. It was super old. I could barely get the paper backing off!

All in all, very fun. Using tape makes for such an easy embellishment!

  • Moving day is set!!! James and I are making design plans. Paint colors, furniture. We’re about 85% in agreement.
  • We are purging and cleaning out all our stuff. You can see my adventures here.
  • I won’t say too much about how sick and tired I am of K-town, just that Pasadena is a dream come true.
  • Scrap Your Crap had a DT swap with Gutter Girlz. This is my take. It’s all about LA traffic and how I hate the jerks on the road.
  • Apollo is certainly glad that I’ve packed up all my stuff. More room for him to lay and soak up the sun!

    I had a great time with this challenge.

    Oil pastels are like coloring with chalk, except they don’t leave all the dust! And they make this beautiful smear effect. I tried to collage a lot of texture for this layout.

    I’ve been trying to figure some stuff out – what sets other people’s layouts above and beyond the rest of us. I’m still trying to find my way, trying to figure out what it is that makes their layouts so remarkable.

    But while I’m trying to figure out the meaning of life,  I will leave you with a cute cat photo of the day!

    Apollo, obviously, has no troubles to content with!

    When I started this post, it was many days ago, but life gets in the way.

    Can you believe I’ve posted this much in a week? lol

    Here is my take on Scrap Your Crap‘s challenge # 53 A-Z

    It’s a card I made for a special friend who lives far away.

    My show opened tonight. Sigh of relief. When I get pictures of it, I shall post!

    This is a layout I made last night in honor

    This is from our trip to Colorado last year (has it been almost a year already? sigh) We stopped at the New Belgium Brewery and sampled their beers. Tasty!

    A few things catch my eye here

    1 – It looks as if I was drunk when putting this together, huh?

    2 – I am out of glue!

    3 – I forgot to put a title

    4 – This paper is so old! I haven’t bought any new scrapbooking paper in almost two years and I think it’s starting to show. Maybe it’s time for a new kit?

    I’ve been MIA due to my latest show, Landscape of the Body, a play set in 1977 in New York. Fun right? There is a porn star, a bike messenger (what the hell does a bike messenger in the 70’s look like?), singers, a man in drag, teenage murderers, you name it.

    I’ve had the 70’s on my mind. Everything I see is the 70’s. And unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a single scrapbooking related thing done.

    But on another note, my girlfriend started this group called The Big Year. There are 8 ladies in our group, and for the next year, we are doing one thing each month that we’ve always wanted to do. Something that will renew our spirits, brighten our days, or just make us smile! Here is my Big Year List

    (in no particular order)

    1. Get a wedding ring (still don’t have one after 3.5 years)
    2. Go to Glen Ivy.
    3. Spend a day doing touristy LA things (Wax museum, Pinks)
    4. 40 daily affirmations
    5. Find our perfect apartment
    6. Develop my own film in a dark room
    7. Visit Portland, Or
    8. Snorkeling in Catalina
    9. Play a Tori Amos song on the piano
    10. Go to church with James
    11. Dye my hair (I’ve never dyed my hair before!)
    12. Save & buy something big from Anthropologie

    Challenge # 52 is up here – use your embroidery floss!  I made a collage to continue with my wall hanging.  I now have 6 pieces. 🙂 I used the floss to make a vine to complement the advertisement for Vin’s Cafe.

    Now that my shows have opened I was hoping to get back to all the important things like blogging, scrapbooking and the like.

    Unfortunately I caught ANOTHER cold this weekend. So I am missing class and sitting on the couch trying not to think about how miserable I am.

    So what’s new? Did I show you my gym lockers?

    I have been wanting these forever! They now house the stuff I want to use immediately like tags and small embellishments.

    And the card I made for my dear friend’s Birthday.

    Since the beginning of the year, I have been on this no-nonsense decluttering of our lives. It’s been a little tough. What with school and getting sick twice (and also the reprogramming of my brain to not want so much stuff) But I started a blog to document my decluttering adventures. Should be fun, hope you’ll cheer me along 🙂

    James and I have finally decided that we are going to move this summer. We are going to stay in LA of course, but we won’t accept anything less than our dream apartment. And this couch will be a part of it.
    Isn’t it beautiful? Orange!! Ikea is the best. Well, this post has tired me out! I’m going to hunker down with some ricola and a book.


    This week we released our first team challenge over at Scrap Your Crap. The theme was 20-10, so I used a combination of 20 letters/numbers in my title (Weekend Warriors Part 3) and 10 scraps of paper. These are pictures from 2005, when we stripped the paint and refinished the built hutch that houses all my scrap/sewing/cat supplies.

    Haven’t been blogging or FBing lately. Getting ready for the next show. I’m costuming two one-acts. Was stressed out, but next week I’ll be back in the game. I’ve got so many projects to work on – my list is huge!!

    On another note, my etsy shop is up and running and I’ve made a FB fan page, you can join here if you’d like 😉


    It’s been a long time in the making. Some of you may remember a post I did about this about a year ago. But I finally have my very own etsy shop. Well, two actually.  One for my knitted items (scarves, cowls, hand warmers and the like). And the other for my scrapbooking embellishments (journaling spots and fabric embellies) Since wordpress doesn’t allow Flash, I made my own little  buttons which are on my sidebar. You can check them out there, or here and here

    Check em out! Let me know what you think. Wish me luck!!!

    Here are some photos that James took of my inventory. Isn’t he fantastic?

    Designing For

    my etsy

    2010 crafty:

  • curtains
  • 9 layouts
  • 1 knitted hat
  • 2 potholders
  • 2 mini collages
  • 2 cards
  • 2 knitted cowls
  • 2 knitted scarves
  • FB – can’t get enough

    i love