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I just watched The Philadelphia Story the other night and they had the most wonderful sayings that I would like to bring back.

Several things on my mind lately:

  • The new Harry Potter trailer is so exciting! I can’t wait!
  • I trimmed my bangs in a rage, and I’m severely, severely regretting it.
  • My illustrations are getting better. Not so ashamed of my drawings anymore
  • Good friends who’ve helped me out. One just got me a gig as a stylist for a PSA, and another gave me a textbook for class.
  • making stuff lately. Will have to update with pictures. But I’ve been scrapping, and making collages. It’s been really fun!

a lot of posts this evening. But I saw that wordpress had a new theme out and I thought I would give it a shot. I don’t know if I like it. I like the black and I LOVE the three sidebars. But I just don’t think it’s for me. I’ll sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning. Maybe it’s time to change my banner. hmmmm….

edit: now to prove that I AM  a crazy cat lady. a new banner starring Apollo

edit: I didn’t like the new theme, so I went back to the old and kept the picture. *sigh*

Wow. This is remarkable! 5000+ hits. I feel like I should do something cool. Maybe a giveaway?!? There aren’t that many people who read my blog so I guess an RAK would be between 5 people hahaha!

I’ll have to think about this – while I’m on my way to Wicked tonight. Don’t be jealous, Michelle.  I’ll post more on this topic later.


ain’t that the truth? It came to me via a fortune cookie today. This is my new motto. Everything in moderation. I have this tendency to want more. More scrapbooking supplies, more clothes, more food. But you don’t need more than enough. It’s not necessary to have so many possessions. So I am going to start by cleaning out the clutter, giving away things that I don’t need. Not only will it allow me to unload the excess, but I can get my apartment cleaned out at the same time. Very efficient!

I have been reading so many messages of good will and resolution today. It’s really inspiring. Keri Smith was talking about the essence of meditation and how it’s not really about controlling the mind, but almost the opposite. It’s about letting go, accepting what is. Which reminded me about the things in my life that I am constantly trying to fix or to change. I realized that accepting doesn’t mean defeat. Accepting is the first step onto change. Once I can accept the fact that I am overweight (insert any number of problems I see), then I can really work on losing the weight. If I am constantly fighting this fact or denying it, I will never get to the root of it.

But the way to happiness is very simple I find. Rebecca Sower reminded us today to think YOU instead of Me. “It’s a fact. Focusing on our own selves only makes us feel worse, and focusing on others always makes us feel better. ” Very true. Very simplistic and almost common sense, but I needed to be reminded of this fact. So, I am searching for a way to combine my “creative talents” with some kind of charitable organization. My friend Julie told me about Save the Children‘s campaign for infant caps. It was such a wonderful idea; you donate your knitted or crocheted caps and they distribute them to Mother’s in 3rd world countries. Did you know that 4 million infants die each year within their first month of life, and mostly because they cannot keep warm! How terrible we live in a world where this is still happening. But unfortunately this ended with the New Year. I am on a quest to find another organization I can donate to. There’s so much us talented souls can do to alleviate the pain and the suffering. I am committed to being a part of the solution.

Oh! And I have also discovered another random bit of happiness. XM radio channel 150. The comedy station. There is nothing better to listen to through downtown traffic on the way home!! The time it takes to get through the 101 means nothing to me. Road rage is a thing of the past. Just imagine if the world’s drivers were required to listen to comedy on their way home. What a wonderful experience that would be. Can you just picture drivers with big smiles on their faces, laughing all the way home?

I just wanted to take this moment to say Merry Christmas to all! I will be back next week. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Well, all my going on about getting a Christmas Tree turned out to be a lie! After literally scouring all over the greater Los Angeles area, we came up with nothing. No tree was good enough for James and the trees that did pass inspections were all sold out. I was almost in tears last night after the “fiasco that was tree shopping”. Praying to the Lord above that I would make it to Michael’s on time (it was 8:30 and I was still 20 minutes away). All the while I should have been praying that the tree itself would still be available. I just wanted a tree so badly, but I guess I will have to wait ’til next year. I was really looking forward to decorating and getting all excited about the season, but I just haven’t found that yet. And here we are a week away from Christmas. I guess I was just pinning all my hopes on this one event and to have it not happen was a really low blow.

This just proves that the early bird does get the worm. James’s Aunt sent us this beautiful hand painted ornament for our First Christmas together as husband and wife. Isn’t it the cutest?? I guess we’ll put them up next year. *sigh*


img_5338.jpg it was the sweetest gesture. I wish I could be like that. Always sending gifts for birthday, anniversaries. I’m lucky if I remember these things. And I am always behind, so those moments just slip right by me.

Well, they have prompted me to say hello to the world, so here goes:

“Hello, world!”

I have finally joined the ranks and started my own blog. It just got to the point where I had too many ideas and I couldn’t keep track of them. Stupid thoughts, important thoughts, it was just too much. I finally found the nerve to put them all on the internet for everyone to see.

This is just a place for me to share my experiences, good or bad, collaborate all of my interests, or just rant, which I have a tendency to do!

I just had this overwhelming desire to be on the web and to that effect, have started my own forum as well.

On that note, welcome to my blog! I am Leslie. Scrapbooker, knitter, avid reader, lover of fish tacos, mom to my two cats Artemis and Apollo, new bride to my highschool sweetheart James. Oh, and I can’t forget, disgruntled employee


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