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  • Moving day is set!!! James and I are making design plans. Paint colors, furniture. We’re about 85% in agreement.
  • We are purging and cleaning out all our stuff. You can see my adventures here.
  • I won’t say too much about how sick and tired I am of K-town, just that Pasadena is a dream come true.
  • Scrap Your Crap had a DT swap with Gutter Girlz. This is my take. It’s all about LA traffic and how I hate the jerks on the road.
  • Apollo is certainly glad that I’ve packed up all my stuff. More room for him to lay and soak up the sun!


    I had a great time with this challenge.

    Oil pastels are like coloring with chalk, except they don’t leave all the dust! And they make this beautiful smear effect. I tried to collage a lot of texture for this layout.

    I’ve been trying to figure some stuff out – what sets other people’s layouts above and beyond the rest of us. I’m still trying to find my way, trying to figure out what it is that makes their layouts so remarkable.

    But while I’m trying to figure out the meaning of life,  I will leave you with a cute cat photo of the day!

    Apollo, obviously, has no troubles to content with!

    Sundays are Renew Your Spirit days at FlyLady. So I’ve painted my nails!

    I don’t normally paint my nails because they tend to chip so easily, but I thought this would be a fun look for one or two days.

    And I bought myself flowers!

    Can you see Artemis’s tail on the right? They are so nosy! They always want to get in the way when I’m taking pictures 🙂

    The rest of my day will be spent cleaning and decluttering. Cheers!

    Been a busy little bee lately. Hasn’t been much work, so I’ve decided to occupy my time at the sewing machine. Made a few things, pictures to come later.
    This layout came about during a break. It’s been so hot. Hard to concentrate when you are sweating in your apartment.

    And here is a picture too cute not to post. My dear sweet Apollo. Loves to get his picture taken.

    And in other news, I turned 30 not too long ago. Here is a pic from my picnic!


    I’m joining my friend Carmi‘s Thematic Photographic each week. I’m a wee bit behind but I thought this would be a good one to join. This week is animals. I wish I could capture the animals in the Philippines on film… but I didn’t have the heart. It’s hard telling people that you work for an animal rescue,  when, over there, they don’t have “pets”. They have animals. Animals that aren’t allowed in the house, sleep on the concrete (or wherever), are flea ridden, get kicked when they get in the way. It’s a different world over there. Not one that I was proud to see.

    So I’ll choose a cute one. This is Ryan. He’s up for adoption. It was a super hot day at the last event, and all the kitties were just tuckered out!

    When I first took this job with the animal rescue, James said to me, “you’re not going to be taking animals home every weekend, are you?” To which I replied, “of course not!”

    So, here’s some pictures of my foster kitties, Cleopatra & Pharoah.





    We only had them for a few nights, which was totally stressful! Artemis went off the deep end. She wouldn’t stop hissing and growling, so we had to keep them separated in the back room. But these two are the sweetest, sweetest, most loving kitties I’ve ever encountered! And I will say this, a famous person has sent in an application for them! (hint: he was in Harry Potter)

    Happy New Year!!!

    I felt inspired last night to make a painting of some sort. And since I can’t paint, I thought I would enlist James’s help. He loves to paint. We altered two canvases to tribute two favorite songs.


    star-star.jpg star-star-2.jpg

    “Star Star” by the Frames (our wedding song)


    heartbeats.jpg heartbeats-2.jpg

    “Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez

    James of course, took like 4 hours to do his. He’s such a perfectionist! But I love the way it turned out. I’m trying to convince him to do an art journal with me!

    And look at my silly girl! I took this pic last night. It’s a little dark, the lens on our slr is only 5.6, but I like it. She’s so dignified – even with a feather birdie on her head!


    I went back to work today. It was like the end of summer vacation, when you just dread going back to school. The end of wasteful days, and the beginning of Bed Time and Work.

    I got there today and it was like I had never been gone. I parked in the same place, the same security guard was there to greet me, and the same coworkers. HR didn’t have it on record that I was coming back today, so I didn’t get into my computer until about 1:30. So, I spent the whole day chatting and saying hello. While I was waiting to get in, I packaged some docs and I had to ask about 3 questions because I just plain forgot how to do my job! But eventually it all started flooding back. And when I logged into our system, it was like riding a bicycle. You never forget (even if you want to)

    But luckily I only have to work tomorrow and then I have Wednesday off (my birthday!!) Still don’t know what we are going to do. Am I too old to want presents? What’s the cutoff age for getting presents from your friends & family?

    I came home today to a sweltering 90 degress inside. We’ve finally gotten it down to 88 so that’s a big improvement. Going to be a hot summer.

    Today James and I made a cat bed for our cats! We have a built in bookshelf that they are always lounging on top of, so we added a rim and I made a little flannel pillow to fit inside it. They LOVE it! Artemis actually pushed Apollo off when he started to climb up.


    I finally finished the layout I started at my sister’s house. The pictures are from a loooong time ago. Broadway fans and/or Filipinos will appreciate this: My friend, Rachel, and I crashed Lea Salonga’s wedding back in 2004 (I think) It was at the Cathedral downtown and me and about 1000 other Flips participated. It was a lovely ceremony. Her dress!!! Oh my god! The most gorgeous gown I had ever seen. Monique Lhuillier . It was my inspiration for my own wedding dress. But $6000 less. ha!


    I had this 3 ring scrapbook someone gave me a few years ago. Ugly as sin, and I put it away and promptly forgot about it until recently. It was green plaid, with a cheesy Christmas Tree on it and I decided to cover it and use it as an album for my kitties. Since they seem to get about 90% of my attention when I decide to scrapbook. So here it is, and if I do say so myself, I think it’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever made….


    It’s kind of insane, I know, but I love it!

    James and I went to IKEA yesterday to get a rug for my room. The internet made it seem like it was black, but it turned out to be green. I think it looks pretty good though, and of course, Apollo likes it


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