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working while slightly drunk is fun!

I’m supposed to be making a dreamweaver tutorial for my replacement, but I had a hard cider before hand. I’m such a lightweight! But it should make for fun writing!

Not much to update with. Just completing my last week of work, while going to classes and rehearsals. It’s been busy. But man, my classes are fabulous! I LOVE draping. Wow – it makes so much sense to me. Of course, I’m one of those kind of people who are really good at following directions. Which of course, means that costume illustration is tough! But we have the most wonderful teacher. I should show you my drawings – they’ve already improved within a week!


Ugh, these past two weeks have been just awful. My uncle passed away, so I had to drive to Vegas to be with my family and attend the funeral. Without going into it too deeply, I’ll just say he was a wonderful man and I will miss him so much.

Added to that, my boss was sending me about 20 emails a day! Asking me to do this and that until finally I had to just say, “I am attending my uncle’s funeral – can it wait?” Well, not in those words exactly, but she got the hint. She is the most stressful person I have ever met and it takes all my energy not to get sucked into that, but last week was tough. I would have lost my mind completely if James hadn’t been available for a crazed phone call. All I can say is thank God James knows computers and all that crap~

But I’m off again. Michelle is flying me out so we can crop all weekend. I’ll get onto the computer only to post my layouts as we make ’em, but that’s it. Super excited!

Other than that, just getting ready for our trip to the Philippines. It’s my Lola’s 90th birthday in July and everyone is going back to celebrate. Have to pay for the expensive tickets (love you Large Tax Return – hate you Peak Season)

It’s been a while, huh? Like my new format? I’m not sure if I do.

  • was anyone else disappointed with the ANTM finale? I was so upset when they kicked Jenna off, and there was practically no competition between Chantal and Saleisha.
  • my job is now two pronged: I am a site supervisor, as explained before. And I am the assistant to the executive director/founder. I’ve only worked two days for her, but I can tell that this job is going to be exciting and stressful.
  • I haven’t done too much crafting: I made a couple more cards, but mostly I’ve been knitting. I can’t show you any pics because it’s a gift for a certain someone who might read this.
  • there’s something in my stocking!christmas-stocking.jpg
  • I made three layouts last night. They sort of go as a set. They’re pictures of my sisters and I when we were playing in front of Michelle’s camera at Thanksgiving. Aren’t they fun?




I got a job!!! tee hee!

I will be working for an animal rescue organization as an adoption site supervisor. It’s super part time, but it should be so fulfilling working to get homes for cats and dogs. This organization has implemented an awesome working ferals program all over LA, too. What they do is relocate feral cats and bring them to a new location to help with rat infestations.

Yay for finding a job!  Yay for getting out of the house!  Yay for paychecks!

A few things…

James and I joined the gym today. I have an appointment with a personal trainer on Friday afternoon, which should be interesting.
If you haven’t noticed my new page “100 best songs” over on my sidebar, take a looksee. Help me with my little project. Once I get that done, I’ll do “100 best musical songs”. (Although I can probably do that myself)
Thank you, to those who helped me through my little pity party. It’s so easy for me to get bogged down. That’s something that I have been working on. And actually, it’s been much better since I quit my previous job. So, I am going to do this. Which will be a nice way to reverse my train of thought. It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you are finding things to be thankful for.

Guess what?? You’ll never guess so I’ll just tell you! I quit my job! I feel like screaming it from the rooftops, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!”‘

Well, that’s how I was feeling Wednesday. But Friday was a different feeling altogether. Bliss. Utter happiness. Against my better judgment and the advice of all my friends, I quit. I have never been so reckless or irresponsible in my life. But my sanity and well-being were at stake. It was getting so bad that I was contemplating asking my doctor for depression medication. I have been listless and tired, depressed and angry for many months. James and I came to the conclusion that it was my job making me this way (I was totally happy when I was on leave for my surgery)

I guess it all started snowballing after I got my “Promotion”. And by “Promotion” I mean, more work, same pay. And no training. Basically I was told that I was going to take on all the files of my previous counterpart,  and learn how to do her job in 3 hours (yes, that was all the training I was given) for no pay. I asked for the raise and I got the standard, the market is on a downward cycle right now and upper management won’t approve. “But I want to let you know, Leslie, that we appreciate all that you have done for us, and we value you.” So, I asked HR to give me a copy of my pay range, to see where I’m at. “You have to ask your manager for that.” Which I do. I get the run around for 2 weeks, “I have to ask management for that.” Then, “We had to ask HR for it.” Then finally, “No, we won’t give it to you. But I can tell you that you are within your range. And let me reiterate  that we appreciated all your work and loyalty.” HA!!!

That was on Wednesday. I called James, told him what I was going to do, and he said go for it. I handed in my resignation yesterday. And let me tell you, Friday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. When I left, my cheeks were hurting because I had been laughing and smiling so much.

So, now I’ve got to find a job! But I am not worried. So, if anyone in the LA area knows of any creative type jobs, ie theatre, music, scrapbooking  industry etc. Just let me know.  🙂

Well, this month has been full of job interviews. I had a phone prescreen which led to an interview with 3 board members. I found out the other day that they have nailed it down to two candidates (of which I am one of them) and now I have to interview with the Artistic Director. But she is on vacation and they will call me next week when she comes back. Keep your fingers crossed

As for the other job, I had an interview with one of the Artistic Directors and got “called back” yesterday to meet the other AD. It went so well. We chatted about my future goals, he asked me about my college experience. I told them about Salzburg and come to find out, he is from Hungary. We spent 10 minutes reminiscing about Europe and our favorite places. It was wonderful. She says to me, “You are wonderful. Even if we don’t go with you I will forward your resume to other people who I think will like you.”

I got an email today. I didn’t get the job. It was close… but no cigar. But true to her word, she cc’d me on two emails she sent, forwarding my resume.

I am so sad I didn’t get the job. It would have been a dream come true. But I cannot thank her enough for the references. The theatre community is extremely small and for her to give me a handout is a blessing in itself.

On the job front, it turns out that another person is leaving my unit and now I will essentially become (under my manager of course) the leader. This means I have two weeks (one of which is over) to learn a whole set of skills that I never had. For the same pay. Oh Joy. I was trained on Monday and then my manager went on vacation. Which gives me 5 days to learn everything there is to learn before I have to take over.

I don’t even want to get into the conversation I had with her about getting a pay raise. I cannot believe they want all this from me for nothing in return. They are sucking me dry!!!!! help…. must… get out… of this…place

Ok, so enough complaining on my part. I realize that practically the last 5 posts were about my job and subsequently, my bitching. So I am done with that! But I will leave my poll up so people can continue to vote. (One side note: For those of you who voted for me to stay until I found another job – I hate you. No! I’m just kidding!)

Here’s a few layouts I’ve completed recently. I am spending my day, reading, napping, cleaning and watching Lord of the Rings. I know, very exciting.


This is a picture from a few years ago, when we went to New Orleans to visit James’s family. We went to Pat O’briens and we got a little shnockered from some Hurricanes.


This one… it feels incomplete. I absolutely love this picture of Apollo. James took it (of course). Apollo loves getting his picture taken.

Got to get back to cleaning/watching movies. Don’t forget to vote!

So, just a quick update. I have been doing some scrappin, but I don’t have the time or inclination to upload my photos (I know, I know) I have some house cleaning I NEED to get to, unfortunately.

I haven’t heard back from the previous job I interviewed with, but that’s ok, because:

I have two more interviews scheduled!

Yes! It’s finally coming together. I won’t say too much more except for the fact that these two positions are in my field, which makes me so much happier.

But I have one small problem. And I need everyone’s help. In a nutshell, my job is slowly killing me. I hate every moment that I am there, and I am so miserable, that I am starting to hate everyone around me, everyone who calls, everyone who sends me an email….

Get the picture? And I thought to myself, “Why am I here? I have given 5 years to a company, to a job, to a position that I don’t give a sh*t about. Why am I wasting my life away?” But I work so that I can pay my bills. I can’t just quit and not have another job lined up. But I can’t stay when I am seriously depressed being here. But somethings bound to come up, I won’t be jobless forever. So what do I do?

That’s where you come in. If you take a looksie to your right, I’ve created a poll. Please vote and help me figure out what I should do!!

Now, so many of you gave me great advice earlier with the job thing, and the interview thing. And I greatly appreciated it. But I need help again!!

So start voting!!  Thanks. I’m going to go and clean the bathroom now

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