new-room.jpg everything is off the floor!!!

new-room-2.jpgย  I’ve gotten rid of all the excess stuff that used to sit around. We painted the hutch white (still need to put the knobs back on)

basket.jpg a basket full of mini albums I have not started on (yikes)

cat-pillow.jpg the kitties need a place to hang out with me

room-closeup.jpg this bookshelf used to be for storage and was behind my desk. now I’ve moved all things I use most into the green boxes for accessibility.

favorite-basket.jpg I just acquired this basket and it’s my new favorite!

glass-jars.jpg a collection of glass jars that I have “stolen”. Still haven’t decided what to do with them

hook.jpg I have a couple of these in different styles that I hang my UFO’s in. Love them!

paint-brush-storage.jpg I store all my knitting needles and paintbrushes in these boxes

red-boxes.jpgย  All my knitting stuff goes in these boxes.