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I’ve been exposed to so many new things this week, and I am in love

1. Robert Frank. Went to MOCA Sunday and came across this amazing photography from the 50’s. Reminds me so much of Walker Evans. The people in his shots have so much life and character


2. Raps by Robert Christopher Romanus. Pretty damn good play. Dynamic, great acting.

3.Great musicians. Steep Canyon Rangers. I saw them on Dave Letterman. Steve Martin performed with them

4. Funny people. Steve Martin and Martin Short. So joyful to watch. I just watched them and was really envious – how amazing would it be to be friends with those two??!

5. Paint fumes. I’m stripping the nasty paint off the moulding around our picture window. While I don’t enjoy the fumes so much, I do love visualizing the end product. It’s going to be so beautiful!!



My last show was last night. I’m going to miss them. It was a great show, a great learning experience. I hope I get to see these people again. I had a wonderful time. But now I must move on.

I was told not to come to class today, since I’ve caught the nasty bug that was going around. Ah well. Time to get my craft on. I worked on my Christmas cards, and made this little layout.



In other news

  • the show is going really well. We’re selling out most nights and we’ve gotten some pretty good reviews.
  • I actually will be working on two shows until I leave for New Orleans. I’m costume head for “Rabbit Hole”, the play at school. I haven’t even read the script yet!
  • getting ready for Twilight! I’ve bought my tickets and I’m going out with the girls at midnight so we can drool over Robert Pattinson (Anna, do you have your tickets yet?)

That’s about it. Going to be super busy for the next two weeks. Hope my immune system can hold out!

Starts tonight!

I was so inspired by Dina Wakely’s latest layouts that I went ahead and made two layouts yesterday! I’m very pleased with them. I’m really into just cutting little strips of paper freehand and slapping them down. Makes me feel artistic 🙂

I heard this girl on SNL this week. She’s so awesome! We were at Best Buy the yesterday and I bought her cd. She’s so good. She’s like Amy Winehouse without the drugs and drama – amazing voice!!

The play opens this Friday!! I’m so excited. If there are any of you in LA who need information, go here – Theatre Unleashed.  It’s a really great play.  Tech week this week, so you probably won’t be hearing from me until Sunday! Wish me luck!

There’s something so fascinating about being privy to a final rehearsal. Maybe it’s just me because I love the theatre so much. Sitting in the dark, empty theatre, watching a show with a limited audience, hearing final notes from the director. Being a part of that is like being in on a secret.

Two wonderful things happened this week. I met a wonderful girl, Natiya. She’s a photographer and out of the goodness of her heart, leant me her Sigma 24-70mm fixed 2.8 lens. It’s fabulous. I’m thinking of fleeing the country with it.

And second was being allowed to come into the Alex for a certain Ballet Company’s final rehearsal to take pictures. They were very gracious. And look what I was able to come away with.

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