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I had to visit the new home today to await the stove delivery (which did not come. Thank you Sears.) And I had some time to compare the new place to the old

  • The new place is much smaller, but that’s ok because I have been wanting to downsize for months. It’s totally….fine….really
  • The new place has hard wood floors and picture rails. The old has blue carpet, but way more windows
  • In terms of charm, they are about the same. Each has crown moldings, built ins, little details
  • The new place is in a waaaaaaaaaay better part of Los Angeles. Actually, it’s not even Los Angeles at all, which makes it even better.
  • The new place has this huge backyard where we can have parties and layout in the sun and read all day long.
  • The new place seems to have a nosy neighbor type. Well, I can’t really place my finger on it. He’s the caretaker of the building. But he’s older than us and it seemed (from my one conversation) that he’s a know it all (which I hate)

Enough with the parenthesis. I guess the fact that we’re moving really hit me today. I mean, we have lived here for 8 years. All of our time in LA has been in this apartment. This was the first place James and I picked out together. We have put so much sweat and tears into this place. How can you just say, “ok, thanks apartment. it was fun but we’re moving on.”

I could live here for the rest of my life, never changing, always on the same path. But I’ve been feeling for a while that I needed a change. And here it is. It’s the impetus I was looking for. With this new move comes a new job (fingers crossed), new experiences, new memories.

It’s all right to be nervous. Change is good. Right?

  • Moving day is set!!! James and I are making design plans. Paint colors, furniture. We’re about 85% in agreement.
  • We are purging and cleaning out all our stuff. You can see my adventures here.
  • I won’t say too much about how sick and tired I am of K-town, just that Pasadena is a dream come true.
  • Scrap Your Crap had a DT swap with Gutter Girlz. This is my take. It’s all about LA traffic and how I hate the jerks on the road.
  • Apollo is certainly glad that I’ve packed up all my stuff. More room for him to lay and soak up the sun!

    Haven’t done this in a while:

    1. I enjoy cleaning dirty leeks.
    2. I have never dyed my hair. But that’s about to change this month.
    3. I don’t really want a dog at this point in my life, but I would like to be a doggy Aunt. Just babysit someone’s doggy every once in a while. Then leave.
    4. I’ have a slight fear of Swiss army knives and staplers.
    5. I love crappy beer.
    6. I have a lucky knack for beating the rush. I always manage to get someplace right before 50 other people get there.
    7. I know for a fact that I could sleep through any serious situation – like a small stove fire and alarms going off for about an hour. Scary, but true.
    8. Ashamed of my predilection for teen & romance novels, I’ve decided to (slowly) make my way through this list.
    9. I dream of taking mandolin lessons and learning how to play bluegrass music.
    10. On average, I get about 1 parking ticket a month. One time I got 3 in 2 days.  Can you imagine how much I’ve paid to the city in the last 8 years? Oh Los Angeles, how I love you

    I’ve been MIA due to my latest show, Landscape of the Body, a play set in 1977 in New York. Fun right? There is a porn star, a bike messenger (what the hell does a bike messenger in the 70’s look like?), singers, a man in drag, teenage murderers, you name it.

    I’ve had the 70’s on my mind. Everything I see is the 70’s. And unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a single scrapbooking related thing done.

    But on another note, my girlfriend started this group called The Big Year. There are 8 ladies in our group, and for the next year, we are doing one thing each month that we’ve always wanted to do. Something that will renew our spirits, brighten our days, or just make us smile! Here is my Big Year List

    (in no particular order)

    1. Get a wedding ring (still don’t have one after 3.5 years)
    2. Go to Glen Ivy.
    3. Spend a day doing touristy LA things (Wax museum, Pinks)
    4. 40 daily affirmations
    5. Find our perfect apartment
    6. Develop my own film in a dark room
    7. Visit Portland, Or
    8. Snorkeling in Catalina
    9. Play a Tori Amos song on the piano
    10. Go to church with James
    11. Dye my hair (I’ve never dyed my hair before!)
    12. Save & buy something big from Anthropologie

    I’ve been exposed to so many new things this week, and I am in love

    1. Robert Frank. Went to MOCA Sunday and came across this amazing photography from the 50’s. Reminds me so much of Walker Evans. The people in his shots have so much life and character


    2. Raps by Robert Christopher Romanus. Pretty damn good play. Dynamic, great acting.

    3.Great musicians. Steep Canyon Rangers. I saw them on Dave Letterman. Steve Martin performed with them

    4. Funny people. Steve Martin and Martin Short. So joyful to watch. I just watched them and was really envious – how amazing would it be to be friends with those two??!

    5. Paint fumes. I’m stripping the nasty paint off the moulding around our picture window. While I don’t enjoy the fumes so much, I do love visualizing the end product. It’s going to be so beautiful!!

    Made another version of the simplicity dress, this time with a pretty teal linen. Photos at Disney Hall, downtown.






    My last show was last night. I’m going to miss them. It was a great show, a great learning experience. I hope I get to see these people again. I had a wonderful time. But now I must move on.

    Oh happy day! Wonderful things are going to happen now, folks! I’m so happy.

    Last night, we went to the Dem Headquarters Party in Century City. This place had 1500 capacity and apparently 15,000 people rsvp’d! They weren’t letting anyone in when we came. But we snuck in through the service entrance (James won’t ever take no for an answer)

    It was so awesome! Everyone was so happy and excited. I was so glad to be a part of it.


    Mayor Villaraigosa was there, Ludacris and some white guy rapped, but best of all… Shepard Fairey made a huge collage while this dj mixed some great tunes!


    He makes the best collages I have ever seen. sigh.


    Joy. Happy days are here again!

    Starts tonight!

    I was so inspired by Dina Wakely’s latest layouts that I went ahead and made two layouts yesterday! I’m very pleased with them. I’m really into just cutting little strips of paper freehand and slapping them down. Makes me feel artistic 🙂

    I heard this girl on SNL this week. She’s so awesome! We were at Best Buy the yesterday and I bought her cd. She’s so good. She’s like Amy Winehouse without the drugs and drama – amazing voice!!

    The play opens this Friday!! I’m so excited. If there are any of you in LA who need information, go here – Theatre Unleashed.  It’s a really great play.  Tech week this week, so you probably won’t be hearing from me until Sunday! Wish me luck!

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