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Just a quick post about what I’ve been doing lately. It feels like a whirlwind has taken over my life!

  • say goodbye to my evenings: I signed up to be a Stage Manager for a new play in Hollywood.
  • Speaking of November: we’re going to New Orleans for Thanksgiving to visit James’s family! SO excited!
  • making messes: I cannot even tell you how much this bothers James. He rolls up cords and cables for a living, people!
  • quit my job!: My last day will be next Friday. I’ve never been happier, but I will miss the kids who volunteer at adoptions
  • Being completely spontaneous is good for me: got accepted into the Costume Designer’s program at my local college. But I’m so excited! I’m taking Costume Illustration and Draping. I’m on my way to becoming a designer, just like I’ve always wanted
  • babies, everywhere!: Heathyr just had her baby. Baby James is so beautiful! And probably one of the most easy going babies I’ve ever seen 🙂 He slept in Glenda’s lap, I fed and burped him. James best friend and his wife had their baby, Addison. And two more friends of mine are pregnant. I’m so excited!
  • circles: I’ve been painting! James and I made these for our bedroom, then I went and made this!
  • I was supposed to be cleaning: It started out innocently enough. I was just going to straighten up my room. Ended up combing through everything like this I can now say that I think my room is as close to how I want it as I will ever get!
  • excitement building: because I got my room so clean, I was inspired to start working on a new project. I will talk more about that later
  • and finally: I hate the post office!!

~The end


I’m joining my friend Carmi‘s Thematic Photographic each week. I’m a wee bit behind but I thought this would be a good one to join. This week is animals. I wish I could capture the animals in the Philippines on film… but I didn’t have the heart. It’s hard telling people that you work for an animal rescue,  when, over there, they don’t have “pets”. They have animals. Animals that aren’t allowed in the house, sleep on the concrete (or wherever), are flea ridden, get kicked when they get in the way. It’s a different world over there. Not one that I was proud to see.

So I’ll choose a cute one. This is Ryan. He’s up for adoption. It was a super hot day at the last event, and all the kitties were just tuckered out!

One of our puppies who got adopted today. This is Cleo. He’s an 8 year old male with cataracts. It’s makes my heart swell to see these guys (the older ones with  “issues”) get adopted. Look at his face.  He is super mellow, but when his new mommy came to pick him up, he got so excited! Tail wagging, tung hanging out, smiling. Oh! Bye Bye Cleo. I know you’ll be happy in your new home.

My cold is gone. I had completely lost my voice by Saturday night, and called in sick on Sunday (yes!) When I lose my voice, there ‘s always a part of me that fears that my voice will be changed or I’ll lose it forever. But no, it always comes back and it’s always the same.

on another note, this is the postcard I made for a swap at Itty Bitty Scrap Shack.  Just using our favorite colors.

And here are the layouts I did for Anna’s photo swap!

I will admit that I am way behind here. I don’t ever watch the news, I read it. But normally, articles centered on athletes, I tend to ignore, which is what I did when I say Michael Vick on yahoo news yesterday. I assumed it was another athlete getting caught on steroids. I had no idea how serious this was.

For those of you who don’t know, Michael Vick has been indicted by a federal grand jury for “his alleged role in a dog fighting venture that operated from a Virgina property owned by the Atlanta Falcons quaterback”. Apparently he’s been involved in dog fighting since 2001, when he bought property to start the Bad Newz Kennels.  This is where he bought pit bull puppies, trained them to fight, and hosted dog fighting events, with purses as high as $26000.00. The details are gory. At least 8 dogs that didn’t perform well or lost matches were executed by various means, including, drowning, hanging and slamming at least one dog’s body to the ground. One they electrocuted.

Does anyone else find this utterly despicable? I cried when I heard the news today. How can there still be people in this world who would do these things to animals? Aren’t dogs supposed to be man’s best friend? But you train them to be killer dogs and set them against one another and they fight until they can’t any more or one of them dies. And then the one that loses the fight, you torture to death?  And people watch this shit? These puppies are loving and trusting and they twisted it into something horrible and disgusting.

Don’t they always say that kids who torture animals end up being serial killers? So what will happen to these sick bastards?  I believe that if Vick gets charged he will face up to one year in prison. One year!!! One year for a man who worked this nasty little scheme, this illegal scheme for almost 6 years.

Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states, it is a felony in 49 states (what’s up Idaho?) But in most states it’s only a misdemeanor for being a spectator at a dog fight. But we can change that. Here is  a list of the state laws for dog fighting.  And here is more information about dog fighting from the Humane Society of the US. Write to your legislators and tell them that it should be a felony to watch dog fighting. These people support a criminal activity and it’s their participation that still makes this “sport” profitable.

At least I have one consolation. Nike and Reebok took away their endorsement deals this week.

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