I had to visit the new home today to await the stove delivery (which did not come. Thank you Sears.) And I had some time to compare the new place to the old

  • The new place is much smaller, but that’s ok because I have been wanting to downsize for months. It’s totally….fine….really
  • The new place has hard wood floors and picture rails. The old has blue carpet, but way more windows
  • In terms of charm, they are about the same. Each has crown moldings, built ins, little details
  • The new place is in a waaaaaaaaaay better part of Los Angeles. Actually, it’s not even Los Angeles at all, which makes it even better.
  • The new place has this huge backyard where we can have parties and layout in the sun and read all day long.
  • The new place seems to have a nosy neighbor type. Well, I can’t really place my finger on it. He’s the caretaker of the building. But he’s older than us and it seemed (from my one conversation) that he’s a know it all (which I hate)

Enough with the parenthesis. I guess the fact that we’re moving really hit me today. I mean, we have lived here for 8 years. All of our time in LA has been in this apartment. This was the first place James and I picked out together. We have put so much sweat and tears into this place. How can you just say, “ok, thanks apartment. it was fun but we’re moving on.”

I could live here for the rest of my life, never changing, always on the same path. But I’ve been feeling for a while that I needed a change. And here it is. It’s the impetus I was looking for. With this new move comes a new job (fingers crossed), new experiences, new memories.

It’s all right to be nervous. Change is good. Right?