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Sundays are Renew Your Spirit days at FlyLady. So I’ve painted my nails!

I don’t normally paint my nails because they tend to chip so easily, but I thought this would be a fun look for one or two days.

And I bought myself flowers!

Can you see Artemis’s tail on the right? They are so nosy! They always want to get in the way when I’m taking pictures 🙂

The rest of my day will be spent cleaning and decluttering. Cheers!


Been sitting laying around the house this last week. This has truly been the longest week of my life. Unable to go anywhere or do anything. I am just getting to the point where it’s comfortable to sit for long periods of time, and I’ve finally weened myself from the Vicodin, so I am not sleeping endlessly. I am having trouble sleeping now though..

I finally got around to making a layout. It’s for Ngaire‘s Beautiful Campaign. Check it out!

It says “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And he makes me look so damn beautiful.” It’s really about James’s excellent photography skills. I love when he takes photos of me – he is able to make me look so pretty! Maybe because it allows me to see what he sees when he looks at me. It’s really a wonderful feeling. I had fun making this layout. I’m such a slow scrapbooker (anyone else?) it took me two or three hours to do this page.

In other news, I have been asked to be a Guest Designer for the month of July!!! I about died when Kate asked me! It’s for this new company called Paper Pesto. You can check them out here. I had initially submitted my work to be a designer, but there was a lot of competition. Their June kit looks so beautiful and their designers are amazing!!

Oh! Some of you had asked about my horrific surgery. Eventually I was able to shake my head enough for the anesthesiologist to notice and he gave me more drugs or whatever. I cannot even begin to describe the horror that is feeling your dr. cut you open. And not be able to do anything about it. The other night I was up late and watching an old episode of Scrubs, where Turk had to operate on a woman who wanted to use Hypnosis only! It worked about halfway thru and then she woke up and started screaming!! I was like, “hey! That was me!”

Oh! Head on over to scrap in style. The message boards are so active and fun! All the Fashionistas were giving away stuff on each of their blogs and I won something from Wilna! I’ve never won anything before, it’s so exciting.

And I will leave you this: Apollo in his cat cave. He really does love it in there, even though he looks like he’s being eaten by a giant fish!

Did you miss me?! I missed you! Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes my way, it was so appreciated! I’ve made a great headway into recovery land, thanks to James. And much love to my parents who came out for the weekend to take care of me! mwah!

I was hoping to get a picture of the cyst, but my dr. isn’t the “here’s a picture of your cyst” type. 7cm, people! That’s like the size of an small apple.

So, I’ve been spending my days sleeping, watching movies, watching tv, napping, popping vicodin. Still a little bit of pain and uncomfortableness, but I’m healing.

I spent one night in the recovery room Thursday and after a night of complete delirium and nausea, spent the better part of Friday watching cable (what a treat). But the best part of  this story was waking up during my surgery.Yes, folks. All those horror stories you hear about on Discovery Health are true! I woke up to the most excruciating pain you can imagine – my Dr cutting me open. And I wasn’t able to do a thing about it! My whole body was numb so I couldn’t move, I had a tube down my throat so I couldn’t speak and I had a warming blanket over my head so I couldn’t make eye contact with anyone.  Eventually my anesthesiologist  got back to work and put me under.

Believe me I am able to talk about this lightly because I’ve had some time to recover, but after crying several times Thursday and Friday, and having an angry family on my side (my sister wants me to sue the hospital) I feel much better.

So onward to bigger and better things. I’ve got some really exciting news to share with everyone, and a lovely layout I did this afternoon, which I am super proud of. But dinner calls me and it’s getting late. Will post in the AM!


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