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In my efforts to get rid of everything I own, I thought it would be nice if I took shots of the little things that I enjoy here in my humble abode.

the newel post James gave me, which I turned into some kind of clock tower, and the vase my college roommate made for me

the quilt my 90 year old Grandmother hand sewed for me as a birthday gift. *love*

the plant I have grown from it’s infancy almost 10 years ago.

the Tibetan prayer flag I got in Ft. Collins, CO, of all places

and last, but not least, the jade amulets that my Aunt in Denmark sent me. Although neither James nor myself are year of the rabbit or horse.


I have been wanting to make some garlands for the longest time, but have stopped myself because

a) I’m too tired to craft lately

b) I don’t want to decorate because I hate everything we own, and I want to wait until we move

c) I feel like if I make a garland (or two or three) I’ll just be jumping on the whole ‘garland bandwagon’ and I like to pretend that I have original thoughts (I don’t, really)

But I can’t help it, I love them!!!


I dream of having a beautiful vintage bed in a spare room


so sweet!



orange and green!

Is it too much to have garlands everywhere?

I’ve been exposed to so many new things this week, and I am in love

1. Robert Frank. Went to MOCA Sunday and came across this amazing photography from the 50’s. Reminds me so much of Walker Evans. The people in his shots have so much life and character


2. Raps by Robert Christopher Romanus. Pretty damn good play. Dynamic, great acting.

3.Great musicians. Steep Canyon Rangers. I saw them on Dave Letterman. Steve Martin performed with them

4. Funny people. Steve Martin and Martin Short. So joyful to watch. I just watched them and was really envious – how amazing would it be to be friends with those two??!

5. Paint fumes. I’m stripping the nasty paint off the moulding around our picture window. While I don’t enjoy the fumes so much, I do love visualizing the end product. It’s going to be so beautiful!!

Just a quick post about what I’ve been doing lately. It feels like a whirlwind has taken over my life!

  • say goodbye to my evenings: I signed up to be a Stage Manager for a new play in Hollywood.
  • Speaking of November: we’re going to New Orleans for Thanksgiving to visit James’s family! SO excited!
  • making messes: I cannot even tell you how much this bothers James. He rolls up cords and cables for a living, people!
  • quit my job!: My last day will be next Friday. I’ve never been happier, but I will miss the kids who volunteer at adoptions
  • Being completely spontaneous is good for me: got accepted into the Costume Designer’s program at my local college. But I’m so excited! I’m taking Costume Illustration and Draping. I’m on my way to becoming a designer, just like I’ve always wanted
  • babies, everywhere!: Heathyr just had her baby. Baby James is so beautiful! And probably one of the most easy going babies I’ve ever seen 🙂 He slept in Glenda’s lap, I fed and burped him. James best friend and his wife had their baby, Addison. And two more friends of mine are pregnant. I’m so excited!
  • circles: I’ve been painting! James and I made these for our bedroom, then I went and made this!
  • I was supposed to be cleaning: It started out innocently enough. I was just going to straighten up my room. Ended up combing through everything like this I can now say that I think my room is as close to how I want it as I will ever get!
  • excitement building: because I got my room so clean, I was inspired to start working on a new project. I will talk more about that later
  • and finally: I hate the post office!!

~The end

Now, you may think from the title that I’m going to talk about how I’ve become a total couch potato since I don’t have anything to do anymore. While that may be true, it’s really about how I got the bug to redo the living room yesterday.

I didn’t jump into this ill prepared. I made a plan.


And look how nice everything looks here. And see that empty space up at the top? I planned to buy a little dinnette, so James and I could eat buy our picture window.

But I found that what looks good on paper does not, I repeat, does not look good in reality. I found myself staring at our loveseat and I just wanted to chuck it out the window. Yuck! “I hate you, couch! Get away!” Don’t mind the terrible lighting (new lighting is on our list)


Uh… no


Don’t mind the prison wall. Notice how everything is centered around our movie projector screen?


Finally, I just told James to push the effing loveseat away – I did not want to look at it anymore. Can you see the bookcase James and I built, on the left? It was against the ‘prison wall’, but we decided to use it as a room divider.


I guess this will have to do. I need to change everything. New furniture, new lighting, new curtains, an armoire to put all the random shit that’s strewn across the floor. Oh, and artwork for the “prison wall”. But other than that, it looks good, doesn’t it?

In other news, the air has been absolutely terrible here due to the fires. Ash floats in the air like snow. And it’s been so hot, and the winds won’t die down. Fires seem to be popping up out of nowhere. I wish there was something we could do to help. Just say a prayer for the firefighters who are working so hard to save everyone.

I haven’t been up to much lately. Just working, dance class tonight. Watched “So You Think You Can Dance” (which is a very long title, by the way) I think my faves right now are Neil, Kameron, Sabra and Sara. And Lauren. I guess that would be half, so… never mind.

James and I are having a bizarro Christmas today. I don’t remember how we came to this subject last night, but we discovered that it was exactly the opposite of Christmas today! So, we are having an opposite Christmas. We got each other presents for ourselves. How clever! So I went and bought this really pretty pair of Nine West shoes. I was going to get a second pair, but what luck! They were out of my size. They were so beautiful and I have now found myself a new favorite brand!! Aren’t they cool?

My mind is still reeling from HP. Last night I had the craziest dreams, all Hogwarts/Voldy/Harry Potter related. So, in times when I can’t sleep, I try to lay still and quiet my mind and hope that whatever is keeping me up will go away. But last night, I would wake up from some crazy Voldy-is-chasing-me dream, tell myself to quiet my mind, which in turn would make me think of Occlumency (and how Snape told Harry to clear his mind before he went to sleep) which, of course, would put me right back into another Harry-in-the-great-hall dream. All night long!

I am slightly pissed off because my work is slowly blocking access to all blogs. Yes, I know, work is for work blah blah blah. But there are times when you may have a lull and you would like to surf the net, but no! Most of the links on my sidebar are blocked, so if any of you wonder where I am, now you know. I have to wait to get home to say hello to all my friends.

Well, James is coming home so we can open our presents. I think we should start celebrating our unbirthdays, too!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! To celebrate, James and I made yummy margaritas. We finally busted out the margarita set we got for our wedding (thank you, Glenda!)

But the real treat was dessert. I made baked ricotta cakes with berries. Oh my!


excuse the crappy nighttime picture, and imagine the sweet goodness!

here is the recipe

mix together 1 cup ricotta cheese, 4 tbsp honey, 2 egg whites, 1 tsp vanilla extract until smooth. Pour the ricotta mixture into 4 ramekins and bake for 20 minutes at350 degrees  or until ricotta is golden.
Meanwhile, cook 4 cups of fresh berries in a sauce pan (set aside about 1/4 of the berries for garnish). Use a little water and heat until soft.

Pop ricotta cakes out and pour berries and berry sauce. Eat up! It’s so good!

Finally got my rolodex cards done for SOML. We’re swapping cards with our picture, name, forum name and location. These were really fun and I love how they turned out. Can’t wait to see everyone else’s.


it’s strange looking at a pile of pictures of myself!


in other news, here’s a gem of a picture I took when Heathyr, Glenda and I went to Knott’s yesterday. (the Trio, as I will now refer us as). Glenda teaches middle school band and Heathyr and I accompanied her as “Chaperones” to her students. I was ready to bask in the authority that was roll call, but her kids were far too well behaved. No one was late, no one acted up, and The Trio departed to ride the Silver Bullet. I was not amused with that ride by the way! Other than the near puking experience, I had a fun time – we have agreed that we will meet up once a month. Next month is the SAI reunion. Yikes!


To finish off with another example of my stellar photo taking (I hate worrying about those pesky little details like, exposure and framing), I will leave you with Artemis and her exquisite demonstration of a “catloaf”. Isn’t she cute?!


apollo-at-window.jpgApollo and I are enjoying the morning light. It’s early for me to be up on a Saturday; I usually reserve this time for work days, but the Gas Guy is coming today between the hours of 7am and 8pm. With my luck, I ‘ll be sitting here waiting all day and he won’t show up until 7:45.

But it’s really nice in the mornings. During the week I am racing to get ready and be to work on time, so I never get to sit and absorb. -+I hear all kinds of birds chirping and singing. There are no kids up, going to school. There’s hardly any cars driving by, which is enough of an incentive to be here right now. It’s so quiet (for the city). This neighborhood is usually overflowing with the sounds of cars, buses and trucks racing down the avenue, teenagers yelling obscenities. Ugh, the city. But if I close my eyes I can pretend that I am in a quiet countryside, by the lake. Only for a short while, until someone’s car alarm goes off.

or, James will take.

We got our new camera!! My sister sold me her camera so she could get a new Canon XTI. We have ourselves here a Canon Digital Rebel. James has already taken a million pictures and knows how to use every function. (did you know that you can hook the camera to the computer and save the pics directly to the computer? Not to mention, view them, just like in America’s Next Top Model!!!)

here’s a few samples. James takes amazing pictures and now that we have this camera they look absolutely wonderful. He’s already shooting in RAW, unbelievable.





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