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Haven’t done this in a while:

  1. I enjoy cleaning dirty leeks.
  2. I have never dyed my hair. But that’s about to change this month.
  3. I don’t really want a dog at this point in my life, but I would like to be a doggy Aunt. Just babysit someone’s doggy every once in a while. Then leave.
  4. I’ have a slight fear of Swiss army knives and staplers.
  5. I love crappy beer.
  6. I have a lucky knack for beating the rush. I always manage to get someplace right before 50 other people get there.
  7. I know for a fact that I could sleep through any serious situation – like a small stove fire and alarms going off for about an hour. Scary, but true.
  8. Ashamed of my predilection for teen & romance novels, I’ve decided to (slowly) make my way through this list.
  9. I dream of taking mandolin lessons and learning how to play bluegrass music.
  10. On average, I get about 1 parking ticket a month. One time I got 3 in 2 days.  Can you imagine how much I’ve paid to the city in the last 8 years? Oh Los Angeles, how I love you
  • I’m a contributor to a new blog, the SoCal DIY girls. We have a meetup group, and our organizer started this blog for all our crafty deeds. Visit us here
  • I joined the bandwagon. I’m totally into the Twilight Series. I bought all the books this week, and I’m in the middle of the second, New Moon. I like! I was so into the tension between Bella and Edward. And I cannot wait for the movie to come out. It’s Cedric Diggory playing Edward!!!:)
  • I did something totally unheard of: I ate by myself. Out in the open, just sat there and ate. Yes, I called my sister to tell her what I was doing (we both know that this is crazy behavior on my part) but then I just relaxed and sat there. All by my lonesome. It wasn’t that bad. I got to enjoy the gorgeous weather we’re having
  • Speaking of gorgeous weather lookie here. The Gods have smiled on us here. No more heat wave. It’s a nice, beautiful 65 degrees. aaaaah!
  • Went to see the Dresden Dolls on Wednesday night. All I will say is that they totally rock!! I had a great time.
  • The opening band was a group called Smoosh. If you haven’t heard of them – they are two sisters, and they are like 12 years old. Seriously. No, I think the oldest sister is 15 and the other is 13. They were so awesome! I was pretty damn musical in high school, but nothing of this caliber. It’s just piano and drums, like the Dresden Dolls, but they were able to rock the house. Good times.
  • I had the craziest dream last night. It involved a coworker, a foster mom for one of our cats, a child that was shaped like a human sized cat, and Ed Begley Jr.
  • I bought this book. It’s so awesome!!!

snape-2.jpg Another thought came to mind.. (HBP spoiler alert)

During the scene in which Malfoy has cornered Dumbledore, Malfoy is bragging about how Dumbledore did not know it was him who was behind the cursed necklace and the poisoned mead:

“As a matter of fact, I did,” said Dumbledore. “I was sure it was you.”

“Why didn’t you stop me, then?” Malfoy demanded.

“I tried, Draco. Professor Snape has been keeping watch over you on my orders-”

“He hasn’t been doing your orders, he promised my mother -”

“Of course, that is what he would tell you, Draco, but-”

Now, if you Snape and you were working for the Order, wouldn’t he have told Dumbledore about the Unbreakable Vow? Because it certainly doesn’t seem like Dumbledore didn’t know about it. I have always believed that Snape was in the Order, and was ordered by Dumbledore to follow through with the Unbreakable Vow. After reading this book again, I think that Snape was a Death Eater

I know, I am sounding like a flip flopper, but I just can’t figure it out! It’s driving me crazy! Thoughts anyone?

snape.jpgRe-reading HP and the HBP this week and a thought came to me. (major Spoilers here)

Let’s take Dumbledore’s word and believe that Snape has come back to the good side. After the fall of Voldy, Snape comes back to the Order. Dumbledore testifies on his behalf in front of the Wizengamot and tells them that, at great risk to his own life, Snape turns spy against the dark side.

And we know from reading that it was Snape who overheard the Prophecy and told Voldemort. Then once Lily and James die, he realizes what a mistake he made and comes back.

So, if we take all of that… Does that mean that Snape knew that Wormtail was the traitor? And if so, when Sirius was locked in jail for 13 years, doesn’t that mean that Snape knew Sirius was charged incorrectly and did nothing about it? That doesn’t seem like the workings of a good guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe that Snape is actually working for the Order and doing everything under the orders of Dumbledore. But in book 3, he seems very determined to put Sirius away. For someone who is on such close terms with the Dark Lord, he must have known what the plan was that night, right?

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