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I started this dress many months ago and just finished it last week! This is Butterick 4319 and I used vintage fabric I found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

So much has happened in the last month or two! I will have to make time to do another blog post in the next day or so!


It’s amazing to me that you can take a huge rectangle of fabric, and turn it into a skirt or blouse. Or, you can turn it into two smaller rectangles.

It took all day, hence the night shot, but I made myself some new curtains. The end result?

Joy, happiness, beauty. I’m so pleased with them. And these are fully lined, pieces of art!

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for purchasing this beautiful fabric for me. Else I would be stuck with these for the next year.

And that’s no way to start 2010, is it?

(Yes, I really had these hanging in the window- they didn’t always look like this though)

Speaking of starts, have you made your new year resolutions yet? I made a resolutions mini, which I will share tomorrow!

..and the only prescription is more hats.

Apparently, that’s all anyone wants these days. I made two more hats for someone, then I made a hat for James’s little cousin, and now my mom wants a hat… Phew.

In the meantime, I am finally, finally, making stock for my etsy shop! I believe I talked about this some few millenia ago.

But maybe I want to show you what’s been keeping me away from my bloggity. Here are  a few pictures of the costumes I designed and built for Pride and Prejudice (was it really last semester). I co-designed Elizabeth, Jane and Lydia (yes, in the play there are only 3 sisters, and that is not the only horrific bastardization that Helen Jerome took upon herself)

Lydia, Elizabeth, Jane

Lydia, Elizabeth, Jane

Colonel Fitzwilliam, Elizabeth

Elizabeth, Darcy – the proposal

E and Lady Catherine De Burgh – I so love that pinafore

The kiss – you can’t see the dress, but this picture is pretty amazing

Oh, and happy happy New Year!!!

For those of you who don’t know, I am completing my second year in costume design. I spent the  bulk of the summer sewing clothes for myself, and for my sister’s birthday, she requested  a cloak to go with her Renaissance Costume. Here it is:



It’s a fully lined, forest green wool cloak. It’s beautiful, if I do say so myself 😉 Up next, I am finally, finally going to make and finish that tam I’ve been wanting for the last year!

Made another version of the simplicity dress, this time with a pretty teal linen. Photos at Disney Hall, downtown.





I finished! Simplicity 2591. I bought 4 yards of this seersucker – I joke that I’m going to make all my new clothes from it, just like the curtains from Sound of Music. I had so much left over I made a pair of shorts, and I still have enough to make a pencil skirt! haha

Don’t mind my crazy hair – or the mess in the background!

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