I’ve been MIA due to my latest show, Landscape of the Body, a play set in 1977 in New York. Fun right? There is a porn star, a bike messenger (what the hell does a bike messenger in the 70’s look like?), singers, a man in drag, teenage murderers, you name it.

I’ve had the 70’s on my mind. Everything I see is the 70’s. And unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a single scrapbooking related thing done.

But on another note, my girlfriend started this group called The Big Year. There are 8 ladies in our group, and for the next year, we are doing one thing each month that we’ve always wanted to do. Something that will renew our spirits, brighten our days, or just make us smile! Here is my Big Year List

(in no particular order)

  1. Get a wedding ring (still don’t have one after 3.5 years)
  2. Go to Glen Ivy.
  3. Spend a day doing touristy LA things (Wax museum, Pinks)
  4. 40 daily affirmations
  5. Find our perfect apartment
  6. Develop my own film in a dark room
  7. Visit Portland, Or
  8. Snorkeling in Catalina
  9. Play a Tori Amos song on the piano
  10. Go to church with James
  11. Dye my hair (I’ve never dyed my hair before!)
  12. Save & buy something big from Anthropologie