Now that my shows have opened I was hoping to get back to all the important things like blogging, scrapbooking and the like.

Unfortunately I caught ANOTHER cold this weekend. So I am missing class and sitting on the couch trying not to think about how miserable I am.

So what’s new? Did I show you my gym lockers?

I have been wanting these forever! They now house the stuff I want to use immediately like tags and small embellishments.

And the card I made for my dear friend’s Birthday.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been on this no-nonsense decluttering of our lives. It’s been a little tough. What with school and getting sick twice (and also the reprogramming of my brain to not want so much stuff) But I started a blog to document my decluttering adventures. Should be fun, hope you’ll cheer me along 🙂

James and I have finally decided that we are going to move this summer. We are going to stay in LA of course, but we won’t accept anything less than our dream apartment. And this couch will be a part of it.
Isn’t it beautiful? Orange!! Ikea is the best. Well, this post has tired me out! I’m going to hunker down with some ricola and a book.