I finally got my order from Snapfish and now I’m back into scrapbook mode. I started off with Celine‘s Inspiration Tuesday. I’m not really used to sketches, I find that I get really stuck, but in the end I like (some parts of) this layout

The bottom’s a little weird boring. eh.

So here’s the slightly long story about Lea Salonga. Some of you may know me as a fan (see here and here). She came to the Alex for the Hurricane Ondoy Benefit. I was so excited I almost cried the day I found out. Come the day of the show, I’ve got my speech prepared, my Miss Saigon poster, sharpie in hand, ready to have the producer take me back. But no, the producer’s too busy. “Come back at intermission”, he says. So I come back, in time to see him leave, and who comes up, followed by her entourage? Miss Salonga herself! Only, I’m by myself, no one to introduce me, poster in hand, new sharpie (the other one fell into the toilet and got flushed away). She sees me staring at her. For like 5 minutes. I just stood there, not knowing what to do, what to say. My speech, you see, was going to be said in the privacy of her dressing room. So after an awkward moment (or ten) I go up and ask her to sign my poster. She says yes. and I say, “I just think you’re the greatest”. (I am the definition of wit) She says thanks and I run away in shame.

The End