Due to the fact that I have a lot of scrapbooking stuff (and also because funds were tight) I haven’t purchased any new items for a few months now. The other day I made this layout using only the bits and bobs that were floating around on my desk. I didn’t cut anything down – even the watercolor paper was already cut to the perfect size!

All I did was add paint and the numbers. So easy, I wish it was always like this 😉

I think I can go for a very long time without buying any scrapbook products, save for things like glue etc. It feels wonderful. I sold some things on ebay. And I’m giving away a lot of stuff to people with kids. I want to do without the clutter that having this many “hobbies” brings. I was so tired of the 50 million UFO’s, the storage on the floor, the shelves jammed packed with stuff I never used.My room is looking better and better everyday.

And hopefully, the last of many hats. This one for my mom (terrible picture, I know)