..and the only prescription is more hats.

Apparently, that’s all anyone wants these days. I made two more hats for someone, then I made a hat for James’s little cousin, and now my mom wants a hat… Phew.

In the meantime, I am finally, finally, making stock for my etsy shop! I believe I talked about this some few millenia ago.

But maybe I want to show you what’s been keeping me away from my bloggity. Here are  a few pictures of the costumes I designed and built for Pride and Prejudice (was it really last semester). I co-designed Elizabeth, Jane and Lydia (yes, in the play there are only 3 sisters, and that is not the only horrific bastardization that Helen Jerome took upon herself)

Lydia, Elizabeth, Jane

Lydia, Elizabeth, Jane

Colonel Fitzwilliam, Elizabeth

Elizabeth, Darcy – the proposal

E and Lady Catherine De Burgh – I so love that pinafore

The kiss – you can’t see the dress, but this picture is pretty amazing

Oh, and happy happy New Year!!!