Flickr images. Found some amazing photos when I searched for my favorite color . I always love teal and red, but there are some other pretty teal color combinations like teal and yellow that were surprising.


1. The poetry of earth is never dead., 2. Ideas for small spaces: Bright teal blue bedroom + jewel tone accents, 3. Rain in an apple orchard, 4. Summery First-Aid Kit, 5. Teal , 6. Paddington, 7. Farewell, 8. Tišina, 9. Day 31 – How lucky was I to find this!, 10. Dreaming my dreams with you, 11. Stuck In The Middle With You, 12. #1 from coffee run, 13. Happy Mother’s Day, 14. poluuspavanka, 15. bowl of yarn, 16. 12:00 PM, 17. Your laughter echoes in apple blossom, 18. Tears Roll Down