some layouts I finished a while ago. I don’t know that I’m really happy with any of them. the lighting is bad and the cardboard I use to support them when taking pictures is getting warped so all the layouts looked bowed. sigh


this one doesn’t seem finished, does it? I wasn’t feeling it any longer so I just stopped.


he is just too cute! too bad this layout is so square and boring


This is of my friend’s little doggie, Pixie. She’s so hyper. I get lazy when it comes to unfinished chipboard. Unfinished = done.


Me and my girlfriends at Knott’s Berry Farm. We were chaperone’s for Glenda’s students. I thought that was pretty funny. Me, a chaperone?


My little niece, trying on my sunglasses.

And then, I pulled out an old copy of Somerset Sew and was so inspired!



my wire work needs a little help, but I was really pleased. I think I’m going to give this spool to a friend.

phew! it feels good to post again. I’ve missed you little bloggy!