I hope everyone had a fab Thanksgiving. We just got back from New Orleans late last night. It was a strange trip. It was fantastic to see family, but it left me much to ponder. I realize I have a lot of personal issues that I need to deal with. I think I want to be this kind of person and live a certain kind of life, but there are things that keep coming up that I don’t want to deal with. Things that I wish I could avoid forever, but I can’t. I must be some kind of magnet.

On top of that, I’m going to be so incredibly busy this month. What with all the crafting I need to do and final projects for classes. And I might have a costuming job (yay! – my first paying gig, I can’t believe it). And my dear friend is having a baby shower next month and I promised to make the invites – yikes! I put a call on SIS about borrowing a cricut cartridge, but I got no answers. Can you believe that? On a forum of maybe 20,000, I got two responses. That always happens to me when I post there. I don’t know what it is.

But most importantly.

I’ve decided that my life won’t be complete until I get a pair of boots already. But I can’t afford any. So I’m going to start some kind of charity fund. The Help Leslie Buy A Pair Of Boots Fund. For just $1 a day, you can help a starving artist get a pair of boots that will complement her clothes and make her more fashionable. Won’t you help?