Things have definitely fallen into a routine here. I go to work, go to class, go to rehearsal. That’s about it. I don’t really have a lot of time to blog. And to be honest, I haven’t had much to blog about. Is this the end? I really can’t say. Maybe when things calm down, or when the show opens, I won’t be so bogged down. And my illustration class is so damn hard, it’s really all I think about. I don’t have time to scrapbook, because I need to work on my drawing. More than anyone else. So it’s a little stressful.

And, my friends introduced me to facebook. And it’s completely taken over my life! I knew I shouldn’t have signed up. I was conned into myspace years ago, and now this. But it’s so much fun!

I made this the other day. It’s from the scraptastic book I bought a while back. Using the lyrics to “Walking in LA” by Missing Persons

Could it be the smog’s playing tricks on my eyes
Or it’s a rollerskater in some kind of headphone disguise
Maybe somebody who just ran out of gas
Makin his way back to the pumps the best way he can

And this weather!! Oh! It was a blazing 95 degrees the other day and now it’s like 60! The wind is howling (there are literally palm fronds flying through the air and smacking my building as we speak) Hello Fall! I’m so happy. Time for sweaters and scarves and jackets. Pumpkins and cinnamon, soups and tea!