I’ve finally caught up on my gossip girl – phew! I love chuck “bass-tard” as B calls him. (Did you know that “B” was the nickname that Faith used to call Buffy – but she hated it) This show is so great. Do you think there are really people who live like this? That there are a bunch of Upper East Sider, 16 year olds right now who are pissed that there is a show that makes fun of them??

In other mews…look what I made!

A sweater vest that’s too short, accents my scoliosis and makes me look pudgy. Ribbing around the waist – not my friend.  (notice the strategic arm & camera strap placements) I suck at knitting. I think I need to stick to scarves. And socks. My socks are pretty darn good. I just don’t have the heart to frog it and just do it in stockinette, but I think I should. Any advice, knitters?