In my quest to be as productive as possible while watching the Olympics, I made this mini the other day. It’s of all the animals we have up for adoption. I left little tags on each page to mark “adopted” when they get new homes.

I used one of the kits from SIS. I went over there when they were having their big sale. I got this kit for $15 bucks!

These guys were so precious. Two white, 2 week old kittens that we rescued from the HSUS. They would have died overnight if we hadn’t taken them. That ‘s me trying to bottle feed Bonnie (the other one was Clyde)

And this poor guy. He was rescued from the street, being used as bait in dog fighting. He still has scars all over his face, but he has such a great temperament. It’s just so hard to adopt him out, because pits have such a bad rep!