So, recently I’ve begun to get a little tendonitis in my wrist. Mostly from typing, and also because  I have to life a lot of heavy stuff at adoptions. I’ve been wearing a brace, but it hasn’t gotten any better. So I’ve started a little regime of icing and heating every night, and am following a whole foods diet. It’s mostly a low saturated fat diet, along with taking some Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Eating a lot of chlorophyll rich foods. So James and I have been trying to cut down on carbs and eat more protein. No this isn’t like Atkins or anything. Just more tofu, chicken, less bread. No eggs, cheese and obviously sweets.

Well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. We realized soon how emotionally connected I am to food. The first day, I was like a rabid dog. We had grilled chicken on salad and I guess my body is just so used to processing heavy carbs that when all it got was protein it was like, “what am I supposed to do with this, Leslie?”. I felt weak and shaky. I was whiny and bitchy. I felt like crying. I was like that annoying child in the store – throwing a fit when their parents tell them that they can’t have a toy.

Detoxing is not pretty. I feel a little bit better and my wrist is definitely doing a lot better. James and I recalled some pretty crazy things I’ve said about food. Just this morning, I was asking him to make breakfast. I was telling him to hurry because, “I miss eating!!”.

One time, James and I were eating blocks of cheese and I yelled out, “I love cake!”

And then there is our favorite. James had eaten the last cheese roll from Porto’s (Oh My God, do I love cheese rolls!) and I threatened to rip his jaw open and eat the cheese roll myself.
Yeah, those are good times.