It’s time for me to quit my job.

There are two scenarios: One, I’m unable to commit to a job and like it, for more than 6 mos. Or two, I’m unable to see at first, who is crazy, and then it sneaks up on me one day and I find myself working for a total psychopath.

I’m inclined to believe it’s the second one.

It’s been a bad week. How can I explain how completely my boss has lost her mind without going through all the gory details? I just can’t. But trust me. She is a woman who can’t take responsibility for her own actions, can’t do anything without asking for one of us to do it, and is A LIAR!!

I’ve just got to eliminate crazy people from my life. I can’t handle the crazy.

I’m super tired because I’ve been forcing myself to stay up and watch as much Olympics as humanly  possible (Go World!!) I can’t explain how much I love the olympics. But I decided that since I’m going to be sitting around all night I might as well get to scrappin. It’ s been so long.

Look at the expression on Apollo’s face. He tries to look all innocent, but in the next moment, he’s attaching Artemis.

And look at these beautiful goodies I got today!!! My swap from Anna!! Thank you, sweetie, I absolutely love them!! I can’t even tell you how much they made my day 🙂

Pics from when we hiked up to Griffith Observatory. It’s so funny because we look so different now. I completely cut all of James’s hair off before we went on our trip, and I look back and I’m like, “he looks like Jesus!”

This is me looking down at the suspending pendulum at the Observatory. I love how much the paper mimics the actual design of the pendulum.  Aren’t these fabulous? You rock, Anna!