It’s hard to get back into the swing of things. Before I left, I was posting quite frequently. After 2+ weeks off, I can barely muster the energy to get on the computer.

Here’s a few pics of the PI I’d like to show you. All the rest are on our flickr account.

Californians would kill to have a view like this! We used to have to hike the 3 kilometers up, but now they have a road going straight to the house. But for old time sakes, we hiked up to the house. Unfortunately we didn’t realize that the sun sets at about 4:30, so it got dark really fast!

This is my grandmother’s house in Cebu. Way up in the mountains. They just got electricity up there a few years ago.. that was quite a shock. Coming up the mountain and seeing people turn on their lights and watching tv!

This house was built in 1898. And the stage was built the week before the big fiesta. My aunts wrote this play about my grandmother’s life, and we all read poems, in Visayan, for her. It was fun!

What was not fun was having the roosters crow from 4-10am.

Tuba!! Can you see the man in the coconut tree? Just hanging out on the fronds? He’s checking on the stocks of Tuba. It’s an alcoholic beverage made just from the syrup of the coconut flowers. They hang a bamboo stalk around it and let it ferment. 1 month – good. 3 month – vinegar. Let me say you can get very drunk on 3 month when you play “take-a-shot-if-you-don’t-get-100-on-your-karaoke-score”. Never played?

The view from the back of the house – the Cebu mountain jungle.

Back in Angeles City, by Clark AFB, which is no longer. This is where my parents got married.

I guess they don’t have codes that govern this kind of electricity usage

In 1991, Mt. Pinatubo erupted, causing the hasty removal of the Air Force. We abandoned Clark, and most of the buildings fell into disrepair. This was the hospital I was born in. It used to be a grand building. No longer.

The flag flying high at Jose Rizal National Park (a national hero).

Those are just a few of the pictures we took. I had a fabulous time. Can’t wait to go again. I definitely don’t want to wait another 13 years before I go again!