Wow…. Body Worlds… what can I say? The words, “ew” and “wow” come to mind. It was both gross and awe inspiring at the same time. I had no idea what this exhibit was before I got there. I had just heard that it was awesome. So when we walked in, they have all these banners up and it says that everything is real bodies. I was like, “what?!” Yes, they are real bodies. Bodies that have been donated and then plastinated, posed and then voila. The idea, of course, is to give people a better understanding of the human body. Show them what incredible machines we are. And it does. They have skeletons with only the full capillary system. They pose the bodies into positions like “skating figure couple” so you can see the use of the muscles. I drew the line at the fetuses. Talk about making me not want to have a baby – they took out the heart of that process, if you know what I mean. They showed diseased organs, like cancer, cirrhosis, emphysema. They had this “I Quit” pledge to quit smoking. It was a plexiglass box and you could fill out a business card pledging to quit smoking. The box was almost full.

Definitely recommend it.

On a brighter, happier note. I finished my final swap before I leave the country. This is for our WCTP, Amber is in the Godzilla Fan Club, and we did altered canvases. This is me faking it with the painting.

Other things on my mind:

  • Listening to the Kooks lately. Love this album.
  • Expecting my new clutch in the mail any day now. Very excited!
  • For some reason, I want to see Get Smart when it comes out in the theatres. It would make a nice change of pace from only going to the movies when it’s the “must see dramatic movie of the year”
  • James and I stopped at this place yesterday. Oh. My. God. This man is a genius!! He’s this very funny french man, who makes theย  most delicious, delectable chocolates I have ever tasted. Exotic flavors, no preservatives, so there’s no waxy flavor. The minimum amount of sugar, so it’s not to sickly sweet. I had Hibiscus, Kalamata Olive, Mint Ganache, and Apricot & Chili. OOOOOOOOHHH!!! So good And I have Japanese Green Tea, Pistachio and Lemon Mousse in the fridge calling me.
  • The Weepies have a new CD out, Michelle.