I realize that I need to start blogging more. The days just slip away from me. And honestly, I’ve been too busy playing Jade Empire on the Xbox. Loving this game!!!

Here’s the rest of my layouts from my weekend at Michelle’s.

This is a pic of my little flamenco doll I picked up in Barcelona. She’s about 50 years old (or so I was told)

James and I being “shabby chic”. I usually hate being “twinsies” with anyone, but I thought this was funny. this was a lift of this fabulous woman

A pic of when we went to a Gomez concert. They are so fabulous. I think this was an old pencil lines sketch.

This was for the How Much is Too Much challenge. It was crazy. I had to use 7 brads, 7 flowers, 7 labels, 7 word stickers, 7 letters in my title. Super crazy. This is James and his dad bonding over tequila shots at Thanksgiving.

Just getting ready for Earth Day – is everybody carbon neutral yet?!! haha.