Ugh, these past two weeks have been just awful. My uncle passed away, so I had to drive to Vegas to be with my family and attend the funeral. Without going into it too deeply, I’ll just say he was a wonderful man and I will miss him so much.

Added to that, my boss was sending me about 20 emails a day! Asking me to do this and that until finally I had to just say, “I am attending my uncle’s funeral – can it wait?” Well, not in those words exactly, but she got the hint. She is the most stressful person I have ever met and it takes all my energy not to get sucked into that, but last week was tough. I would have lost my mind completely if James hadn’t been available for a crazed phone call. All I can say is thank God James knows computers and all that crap~

But I’m off again. Michelle is flying me out so we can crop all weekend. I’ll get onto the computer only to post my layouts as we make ’em, but that’s it. Super excited!

Other than that, just getting ready for our trip to the Philippines. It’s my Lola’s 90th birthday in July and everyone is going back to celebrate. Have to pay for the expensive tickets (love you Large Tax Return – hate you Peak Season)