Some stuff I’ve made recently.

The nephews

cheeky.jpg cheeky-1.jpg

Finally got around to covering my ATC book. Seriously, I’ve had this book for maybe a year now, and it’s already filled.



I am THE WORST at sending cards for people. But I got around to sending my friend, Irene, a card for birthday. Hugs to you, Irene!


And this layout here… my goal was to make a fast layout before ANTM started.

be-happy.jpg be-happy-1.jpg

I made two, this is the only one I’ll show, because the other one is HIDEOUS.

Note to self, never “try to make a layout real fast”. (Obviously I don’t pay attention to myself, because

I think I’ve told myself that before)

And here’s one of a couple of tags I made for a charity donation.

charity-tag-1.jpgI signed up super fast, then realized that I had to send them to SINGAPORE. Which brings me to my next

Note to self, read carefully before signing up for stuff.