I’ve been crafting and cleaning, as usual. I redid my room.


Can I just say how wonderful it is to get everything off the floor? James is happy about that. I rearranged my desk and now I can access my bookshelf. I used to have it behind my desk and had long term storage in it. Now I put all the things that I use the most often in the shelves and boxes. And I’ve left room for my laptop.

You can see more pictures here

But the coolest thing is this thing here. I use it to put all my tools in and it goes under my desk.




tool-caddy.jpg tool-caddy-1.jpg

Isn’t it neat? I was inspired by an issue of Marie Claire Idees, where they had painted dahlias on dressers etc. I had taken this picture

dahlias.jpgof some dahlias (my favorite flower), which James altered in photoshop and made into an abstract design. Then we propped my shelf in front of our projector and went to town. It’s like painting by numbers!

I have tons more pictures to share of some recent stuff I’ve made, but I’m afraid this post will be (if it isn’t already) a little long winded.