Have any of you seen There Will Be Blood? Wow. What can I say about Daniel Day Lewis that hasn’t already been said? He is phenomenal. This movie is so intense. It’s not what I thought it would be, but it was still amazing. James keeps saying the above quote now. It’s kinda funny, out of context.
I have been promising you a RAK for a while now.We haven’t had a RAK here at oranginadreams in a loooong time. So, here we go.

One day, I decided to take every project that I never started and place it in the middle of my room. The pile was enormous!! Apparently, when it comes to crafts, my eyes are bigger than my proverbial stomach. I kept about half and the rest I’m giving away. I have several prizes up for bid.

1) an unused Life’s Journey 12×12 scrapbook


2) A Making Memories frame kit


3) 7 skeins of yarn. The color is a little off (those dark blue ones are actually a royal purple)


4) a wood album and matching frame, laser engraved


5)11 patterns. There are some cute crafty ones, some cute little outfits


6) an 8×8 scrapbook, matching papers and an album


So what do you have to do to win these lovely items?? Well, I have decided to start an etsy shop!! Mainly I’m going to sell hand knitted scarves. I’m terrible at naming things, it would take me weeks to come up with a name that I could decide on. So help me out! I need a name! Something fun, catchy, whimsical. If you leave a comment, let me know if you are a sewer, knitter or scrapper. Plus there will be extra goodies for you, too!!

Thanks for helping me out!