There are so many things that happen in a week and I say “I should blog about this” . Then a week goes by and I haven’t blogged about anything.

I’ve been reorganizing my room. I must say that I love it now. I was able to make room for everything and get rid of stuff that I either hadn’t used or didn’t want. I feel un-crowded and un-cluttered. Sigh!

I was finally able to finish my container swap for WCTP. Here’s a sneaky peek. It’s a mason jar with a tag inside. I poured wax all over the outside, and it looks really cool (and smells good too!) I couldn’t quite capture it well with the camera.


I had this ugly colored caddy that I put my tools in. I finally was able to paint it white and decorated it.



And my new ATC holder. These are the ATC’s I got from my swap at Story of My Life


And James and I made these for breakfast yesterday. Yummy!

Buttermilk pancakes and homemade blueberry & blackberry syrup!

and of course, I will keep up my promise for a RAK! Coming shortly