So, we’ve been watching a lot of movies lately. Been catching up on all our Netflix. We’ve watched two vonTrier movies: Dogville and Dear Wendy. And I….

I guess I want to seem like I understand and  appreciate his movies. But they are too depressing. Too messed up. The lives of these people get so f*cked up. They all start out with good intentions and then it falls apart so badly. If Dogville wasn’t so brutal and harsh, I would have enjoyed it. I loved the concept and the visualization – it was like watching live theatre, but I can’t take that much real life. I mean, I already live “real life” so give me a feel good movie or book any day.

Then we watched American Psycho and The Machinist. What is with our Netflix list?? I told James that the next movies have to be lighthearted comedies. American Psycho was good. But James and I disagreed with the ending.Was he really a serial killer or was he imagining it? You decide. The Machinist…. oh my god! I could hardly watch it because Christian Bale’s weight! Yuck! But a very good movie too. So disturbing. If you haven’t seen it – Christian Bale weighed 125 lbs for this movie! And to see him go from The Hottest Man Ever (seriously, he’s so HOT!!) in American Psycho to Disturbingly Sick Man in The Machinist was hard to take.

Well, here’s my Holiday album. It was fun to do and I really enjoy my kits from Studio Calico.


The cover


James and I at the Getty Villa. I haven’t done the journaling yet


Sean.. he’s so cute


My favorite page of Jaedyn, being a superstar in my sunglasses.

Has anyone seen this new show Cashmere Mafia? It stars the greatest women: Frances O’conner (love her), Miranda Otto and Lucy Liu. I have this thing about foreign actors being able to do accents. I just think it’s the coolest thing ever!! I LOVE when brittish actors can do excellent American accents.  And these two ladies kick ass! Not to say Lucy Liu isn’t awesome either – she does the “power woman” thing so well. Remember her in Kill Bill? I thought she was the best part of the whole movie.

Phew! I have more to talk about, but I’ll save that for tomorrow. I am (finally) meeting up with my personal trainer tomorrow. I’m scared! Wish me luck