I did another entry in my art journal last night. This one is for Em’s Art Journal Challenge. The word was commit. Mine is about committing to my New Year resolutions.  I realize that I have absolutely no idea how to paint, and I put myself totally to shame by posting these up here. I paint like a child – no concept of design or color or technique. But whatever!!


don’t mind all the newspaper in the background



I bought an acrylic album and  finally did my Christmas album. I had to actually combine all the holidays this year, because I didn’t take hardly any pictures (can you believe it?) It was fun – and I took some tips from Caroline Ikeji’s acrylic album over at Studio Calico. But it was too late to take pictures by the time I got home from work, so I will post those first thing in the AM!

Right now I am off to watch The Machinist! I’m (always) on a Christian Bale kick. We watched American Psycho – mmmm mmmm mmmm! Hot, hot hot!