It’s been a while, huh? Like my new format? I’m not sure if I do.

  • was anyone else disappointed with the ANTM finale? I was so upset when they kicked Jenna off, and there was practically no competition between Chantal and Saleisha.
  • my job is now two pronged: I am a site supervisor, as explained before. And I am the assistant to the executive director/founder. I’ve only worked two days for her, but I can tell that this job is going to be exciting and stressful.
  • I haven’t done too much crafting: I made a couple more cards, but mostly I’ve been knitting. I can’t show you any pics because it’s a gift for a certain someone who might read this.
  • there’s something in my stocking!christmas-stocking.jpg
  • I made three layouts last night. They sort of go as a set. They’re pictures of my sisters and I when we were playing in front of Michelle’s camera at Thanksgiving. Aren’t they fun?