it’s been so long!!!!  I went to Vegas to spend Thanksgiving with the family. It was nice spending so much time with them. I got to hang out with all the kids, scrap with my sister, hang my mother’s Christmas lights (which I knew she wouldn’t like).

On Turkey Day, Michelle set up a photo studio in her dining room. I had Suzanne help me make pilgrim and indian hats for everyone and we took lots of pictures! You can see them here.

This is a page I did of one of our fun pictures.


James’s mother went to the hospital again right after Thanksgiving, so I made a layout for her. But I forgot to take a picture of it!! (Trust me, it was nice) I thought it would be a nice gesture to cheer her up.

These are two layouts I did before I went on vacation.  What is it about basic grey???



I was keeping the kids occupied while James and my dad hung the lights. I wore them out, running, rolling around, playing simon says.


Then this butterfly came around and fluttered around for a good half hour. I couldn’t believe how friendly it was. Each of the kids got close enough to blow it a kiss. I was amazed!


But I’m back in LA, ready to tackle the next task of decorating for Christmas. It’s very hard to have normal, pretty decorations with two cats around. We bought a tree yesterday (fake) and set it up, and immediately Apollo was chewing on the “needles”. This guy gets into so much trouble! It can be so frustrating. I need to buy some bitter apple.

What else? I have a job interview on Sunday. If I get the job, I’ll tell you all about it. If not, we can pretend it didn’t happen.

I’m listening to The Baker’s Wife. I had no idea Paul Sorvino could sing! And of course, Patti LuPone’s “Meadowlark” is glorious. This was her first recording and she sounds as wonderful today as she did back then!