1.No outfit is complete for me unless there is a layer of some sorts. ie. tank under shirt, long sleeve under short sleeve…

2. My new favorite author: Megan Crane. Unfortunately, she’s a relatively new author and I’ve read all three of her (fabulous) books

3. I love the words loquacious and egregious. I wish I had the opportunity to use them on a daily basis without sounding strange and/or pretentious.

4. My favorite shoe brand is Diesel.

5. My weight: 127.2 ***sigh***, grrr

6. I still can not comprehend that at this day and age you can go to a place and get books for free! This boggles my mind. (but I love it)

7. I had a fantastic time at the knitting meetup. I met lots of nice women, who are amazing knitters. While I will admit I was really nervous when I was driving around west la, trying to find some damn parking, I put on my game face and realized that I am usually wrong about these things. I need to stop listening to myself.

8. Speaking of which, my shrug is coming along very nicely. It’s about halfway done. I will post a picture later when it’s daylight and my photos won’t turn out orange.

9. It seems very strange to me that WordPress is the ONLY website working right now. I can’t even get to yahoo.

10. I miss Harry Potter