I spent the whole day cleaning and scrapping while I caught up on my musicals. My cousin Steve sent me some recordings which I’ve been listening to. The Color Purple, which has some of the most amazing female singers in it. Tarzan, which was ok. I think it’s probably better to watch than to listen to. Mary Poppins, which I didn’t like. I mean, if I’m going to listen to Mary Poppins, I’m going to listen to Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews. It was just weird listening to a different Mr. Banks, and a very weird, Jane and Michael. I think that show would be more enjoyable visually. Then I listened to Rent, and Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I love saying that name. Victor Garber and Angela Lansbury. Oh MAN!! Does she rock in this show??! You know, she is the only women to have won all Tony’s that she has been nominated for? And there is a reason for that, my friends.

But the real gold mine was Grey Gardens. The music is so beautiful and the singers so wonderful. And even though I wasn’t following along with any libretto, I got it, you know? Christine Ebersole – wow. That is some serious talent. I think I may listen to it again today.

I have been surrounding myself in musicals a lot lately, and it’s making me really homesick. For the theatre that is. Sigh

Anywhoo, I made a lot of pages yesterday and I am so proud of myself. I am a terribly sloooooow scrapper. And while I’m not thrilled with all of them, I am glad I got them done!


Every year for Halloween, James and I go to the El Capitan and watch the Nightmare Before Christmas. Then, afterwards, we go downstairs and see all the set and puppet displays they have. This is the actual set they used for the famous Jack’s Lament. On the stand it was about 6 feet high. Very big. And the puppets they used for the characters were about 2 feet, which was interesting.


The Blue Velvet Restaurant, where James and I went for our 6 mos wedding anniversary. Very cool place. I talked about it here, actually.

My nephews in one of Michelle’s infamous photo shoots. When we were younger, Michelle would make me and Suzanne, our other sister, dress up and take photos. We would drape the walls with different sheets and go to town. Now it’s the kids turn, and I don’t envy them one bit. Look at the older boys; they look so unhappy 😦


8×8 layout. I really wanted to put some kind of hardware by the ribbon, but I didn’t have anything like that. I ‘lifted one of Sally Hanna’s layouts for this one. This girl is so good! Thanks, Sally.


The Memory-Works kit included this acrylic frame. I don’t know if I like it all that much, because the acrylic is so thick, it’s not really transparent.

Unfortunately, since I’ve been scrapping away, my knitting has ceased. I would really like to get that shrug done before winter really kicks in.. Oh! I am going to a knitting MeetUp tomorrow. Can you believe I am going to brave driving out to West LA, on my own, to meet other knitters, on my own? Did I mention that I will be by myself? Yikes!