The weather is turning in here in Sunny SoCal, and I am loving every minute of it. Unfortunately that also means daylight savings time, and I hate that because it gets so dark so early. Did anyone else have trouble with DST last week? Half of our clocks changed and half of them didn’t and we got so confused. But not that it mattered to me, I had nowhere to be.

I managed to finish my atc’s, my Christmas Cards, and my rolodex swaps for West Coast Trading Post. Also, I participated in a swap at Story of My Life. Lucrecer theme for these atc’s was Use it or Lose it. I had so much fun making these.


And here are some close ups.



Everything I used has been sitting around, waiting for that special something to be used on. Muslin, hat pins, flowers, and of course, I can’t do anything without buttons.

I started knitting a shrug for myself last night. I bought this yarn at Michaels. Cashmere and Acrylic. So soft. And so cheap. It was $3 a skein. I’ve always been kind of a yarn snob, but Michaels is really upping their stash now. Organic cottons, soy wool, alpaca, and cashmere! Nice.


See? That’s the cuff and the beginnings of a sleeve! tee hee.