I have decided that I need to get off my lazy ass and lose some weight. For real now. Ugh.  I had been a steady participant at the gym (one of the few perks about my old office, a gym on the 1st floor) but since leaving, I have exercised twice. So, I am giving myself to the New Year to lose 15 pounds. That’s not so much is it? But in order for me to stick to it, I am going to do a weekly weigh in and post it on my blog. That way there’s Accountability, folks. No slinking off to the sidelines for me! I have been complaining almost all my life that I hated my weight, but I’m the only one who can do anything about it. And guess what? I did nothing! So, now that I have all this ‘free time’, I’m going to put it to good use.

Monday October 29
Weight: 128
I’d put my measurements out here, but I can’t find any of my tape measures. (Cristina probably stole them all! Ha!)

So come on, guys! Give me a support, encouragement, etc. Or you can tell me that I’m crazy and it will never work!

On another note, look what I made. I bought this kit last year  – just in time for the holidays. How slow am I?


So I have maybe 100 empty mini albums, but no ideas for themes. I need help! Give me ideas!