Now, you may think from the title that I’m going to talk about how I’ve become a total couch potato since I don’t have anything to do anymore. While that may be true, it’s really about how I got the bug to redo the living room yesterday.

I didn’t jump into this ill prepared. I made a plan.


And look how nice everything looks here. And see that empty space up at the top? I planned to buy a little dinnette, so James and I could eat buy our picture window.

But I found that what looks good on paper does not, I repeat, does not look good in reality. I found myself staring at our loveseat and I just wanted to chuck it out the window. Yuck! “I hate you, couch! Get away!” Don’t mind the terrible lighting (new lighting is on our list)


Uh… no


Don’t mind the prison wall. Notice how everything is centered around our movie projector screen?


Finally, I just told James to push the effing loveseat away – I did not want to look at it anymore. Can you see the bookcase James and I built, on the left? It was against the ‘prison wall’, but we decided to use it as a room divider.


I guess this will have to do. I need to change everything. New furniture, new lighting, new curtains, an armoire to put all the random shit that’s strewn across the floor. Oh, and artwork for the “prison wall”. But other than that, it looks good, doesn’t it?

In other news, the air has been absolutely terrible here due to the fires. Ash floats in the air like snow. And it’s been so hot, and the winds won’t die down. Fires seem to be popping up out of nowhere. I wish there was something we could do to help. Just say a prayer for the firefighters who are working so hard to save everyone.