It is officially over. My 5 year sentence of corporate enslavement ended last night.

That’s Dianne, me and Rachel at my party


I am finally up to date on my ATC’s. Americana was the theme. I channeled a little Rebecca Sower on these

bingo.jpg home.jpg

post-card-2.jpg post-card-1.jpg

Had a busy week. Wednesday James and I went to the El Rey to see Jose Gonzalez. jose-gonzalez.jpg


Here is a man, alone on stage, with just one mic and one guitar, and he manages to captivate an entire audience. His fingers float effortlessly on his guitar, his voice is hauntingly beautiful.


Thursday, Boston and Meadow invited us to the Freud theatre at UCLA (more UCLA/USC debate ensued) to see BlackWatch, the Scottish National Theatre’s play about the Scott’s in the Iraqi war. Really wanted to see it, but the show ended up canceling (after an hour’s wait) due to computer difficulties. We’re hoping we can get a refund on our comp tickets – ha!

So, what is up with the Scrapbooking industry lately? First there’s all this hullabaloo with Stacy Julian and Big Picture Scrapbooking. Now, everyone is up in arms against CK Hall of Fame! I really don’t know what to say about this!!!

I am not really up on message boards. I frequent Story of my Life, but that is about it. I tend to find that people can be quite mean on message boards and I just don’t like it. I think people feel they can be mean because they are anonymous? I was reading up on the 2 peas boards and can I just say, “wow?” WTF- some of these girls are so rude!!

this is one, of many rude remarks I’ve found

“OMG, YOU are one of the most pompous people on this board. NO ONE cares what Molove thinks. I am actually a little embarassed for you
Yes, you’re right. It does invite comments. And my comment it…you’re a windbag. The way your thread is worded… My message to Stacy Julian. Get over yourself. No one gives a shit what you think.”

Can you believe that? What the hell is wrong with people? Be nice, ladies!

And lastly, (are you getting bored?) job hunting is hard. Revising my cover letter for each and every job, searching through hundreds of listings, researching tons and tons of organizations to find jobs….But it’s only my first day of unemployment. πŸ™‚