One year ago today I was just about to walk down the aisle and pledge my life and love to this wonderful man. We went to the park and had ourselves a little picnic to celebrate. Doesn’t James look like a rockstar?

One year ago today I was so stressed out – I didn’t think we were going to get it all together. But it went smoothly and (apparently) beautifully; I don’t really remember. I was a complete mess that day. It has taken a while, but I can now look back on the wedding without trepidation. I don’t like looking back on times when I’ve been really nervous and/or stressed; it just makes me nervous again. But it really was a lovely wedding.

James and I have been together almost 11 years, so being married didn’t change much. But I remember those first few days when James would call me and say, “I just wanted to talk to my wife.” It was such a thrill. I can’t believe how the time flies.

I made a little giftie for him. It’s an altered book that will hold a picture of us each year on our anniversary. I got the tutorial from (the amazingly talented) Kerry Lynn. It’s not quite finished. I need to get a crop a dile or a Japanese screw punch to get the holes thru the book covers. But we love the way it turned out!