Well, this month has been full of job interviews. I had a phone prescreen which led to an interview with 3 board members. I found out the other day that they have nailed it down to two candidates (of which I am one of them) and now I have to interview with the Artistic Director. But she is on vacation and they will call me next week when she comes back. Keep your fingers crossed

As for the other job, I had an interview with one of the Artistic Directors and got “called back” yesterday to meet the other AD. It went so well. We chatted about my future goals, he asked me about my college experience. I told them about Salzburg and come to find out, he is from Hungary. We spent 10 minutes reminiscing about Europe and our favorite places. It was wonderful. She says to me, “You are wonderful. Even if we don’t go with you I will forward your resume to other people who I think will like you.”

I got an email today. I didn’t get the job. It was close… but no cigar. But true to her word, she cc’d me on two emails she sent, forwarding my resume.

I am so sad I didn’t get the job. It would have been a dream come true. But I cannot thank her enough for the references. The theatre community is extremely small and for her to give me a handout is a blessing in itself.

On the job front, it turns out that another person is leaving my unit and now I will essentially become (under my manager of course) the leader. This means I have two weeks (one of which is over) to learn a whole set of skills that I never had. For the same pay. Oh Joy. I was trained on Monday and then my manager went on vacation. Which gives me 5 days to learn everything there is to learn before I have to take over.

I don’t even want to get into the conversation I had with her about getting a pay raise. I cannot believe they want all this from me for nothing in return. They are sucking me dry!!!!! help…. must… get out… of this…place