Ok, so enough complaining on my part. I realize that practically the last 5 posts were about my job and subsequently, my bitching. So I am done with that! But I will leave my poll up so people can continue to vote. (One side note: For those of you who voted for me to stay until I found another job – I hate you. No! I’m just kidding!)

Here’s a few layouts I’ve completed recently. I am spending my day, reading, napping, cleaning and watching Lord of the Rings. I know, very exciting.


This is a picture from a few years ago, when we went to New Orleans to visit James’s family. We went to Pat O’briens and we got a little shnockered from some Hurricanes.


This one… it feels incomplete. I absolutely love this picture of Apollo. James took it (of course). Apollo loves getting his picture taken.

Got to get back to cleaning/watching movies. Don’t forget to vote!