I haven’t been up to much lately. Just working, dance class tonight. Watched “So You Think You Can Dance” (which is a very long title, by the way) I think my faves right now are Neil, Kameron, Sabra and Sara. And Lauren. I guess that would be half, so… never mind.

James and I are having a bizarro Christmas today. I don’t remember how we came to this subject last night, but we discovered that it was exactly the opposite of Christmas today! So, we are having an opposite Christmas. We got each other presents for ourselves. How clever! So I went and bought this really pretty pair of Nine West shoes. I was going to get a second pair, but what luck! They were out of my size. They were so beautiful and I have now found myself a new favorite brand!! Aren’t they cool?

My mind is still reeling from HP. Last night I had the craziest dreams, all Hogwarts/Voldy/Harry Potter related. So, in times when I can’t sleep, I try to lay still and quiet my mind and hope that whatever is keeping me up will go away. But last night, I would wake up from some crazy Voldy-is-chasing-me dream, tell myself to quiet my mind, which in turn would make me think of Occlumency (and how Snape told Harry to clear his mind before he went to sleep) which, of course, would put me right back into another Harry-in-the-great-hall dream. All night long!

I am slightly pissed off because my work is slowly blocking access to all blogs. Yes, I know, work is for work blah blah blah. But there are times when you may have a lull and you would like to surf the net, but no! Most of the links on my sidebar are blocked, so if any of you wonder where I am, now you know. I have to wait to get home to say hello to all my friends.

Well, James is coming home so we can open our presents. I think we should start celebrating our unbirthdays, too!