After much disruption this weekend, I can finally say that this afternoon I finished The Deathly Hallows. I spent some time listening to mugglenet and going to forums to see what people thought.

It’s finished. Harry’s story is over. Don’t read ahead if you haven’t finished the book.

So what did every one think? Most of our questions got answered. Most people were right on some theories. I swore up and down that Harry would die, am I partially right? I didn’t believe that Harry was a Horcrux though. I didn’t see that whole “King’s Cross” chapter/explanation thing coming. Did that feel like a big copout to you? Like, “I need to explain everything, so I’m going to bring Dumbly back and have him do it for the sake of the audience?”

Snape loved Lily! I knew it. I always believed that Snape was good, but after the first chapter, I was convinced that he was evil! Now we know that “Snape’s Worst Enemy” wasn’t that he was humiliated by James, it was that he treated Lily so horribly and then lost her forever. But he wasn’t evil, was he? He loved her so much.
This book was full of Emotional Roller Coasters.  How many near misses did the trio have? How many times did I think one of them was going to die? Only one question wasn’t answered for me; who, late in life, managed magic?

Some special moments that come to mind: When Lupin asked Harry to be godfather. Percy’s return. When Neville killed Nagini (a True Gryffindor). Luna’s painting on her bedroom wall. Ron punching Malfoy in the gut!  Hermione kissing Ron. Ginny kissing Harry.

So many others. And it had some really funny moments too, which I was glad for “‘ear, ‘ear”.

I don’t feel very good. I cried a lot, and got little sleep, so I’m a bit headachy. I feel like I’ve been waiting for soooo long, now that it’s over, what am I going to do?? Think I need a few days for it all to sink in.